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Pet Safe Liquid Ice Melt

Pet Safe Liquid Ice Melt

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Pet Friendly Liquid Ice Melt - Starts Working Immediately!

  • No messy salt crystals, Gallon Jug Stores Indefinitely
  • Pet, Concrete, Vegetation, and Environmentally Friendly
  • Pre-Coat before or after ice forms and snow falls
  • A single gallon jug covers more area than a 35lb. bag of salt

Covington Liquid Ice Melt is the choice of highway departments, airports, and metro road crews because it's environmentally safe and it works. The main ingredient magnesium chloride, is known to be less corrosive. It is the safest choice for concrete, walkways, vegetation, and pets. Also, as a natural mineral, magnesium chloride ice melt has been recognized as an environmentally friendly method of melting ice and snow.


Growing things is very important to us so naturally, we didn't want to make a product that would be harmful to pets, lawns, or gardens. Unlike other ice melters, magnesium chloride ice melt leaves minimal to no residue which makes clean up easy and virtually non-existent.


Covington Rapid Liquid Ice Melt is a great option for deicing small amounts of ice and snow on your residential or commercial property especially for folks who care about their pets, lawn, and landscape.

Covington Liquid Ice Melt - It's Simply the Easiest, Safest, & Fastest Way to Melt Ice & Snow!

pet safe ice melt

Pet Safe Ice Melt - Safer for Pets and the Environment

concrete safe ice melt

Works Great on Concrete Driveways and Sidewalks

pet friendly ice melt

Say Bye to messy Sharp Salt Crystals Tracked Inside

Liquid Ice Melt

Apply Liquid Ice Melt with any Pump Sprayer

✔️Prevents Freezing: Our pet friendly ice melts can be applied up to 24 hours before a freeze to coat and seal the area to prevent ice. By spraying a thin layer over the desired area, you are protecting your concrete or brick from freezing down to -30 degrees. Can also melt snow and ice and prevent a refreeze.

✔️Safe and Effective: Our concrete safe Ice Melt is safe for pets, shoes, plants, and flooring. Keep your outdoors safe for your dog, cat, and children. Unlike rough, abrasive salt crystals or pellets, our liquid ice melt won't harm your pets paws or damage your floors when tracked inside. The neutral pH won't harm hardwood, concrete, metal, or granite.

Made In USA

✔️Mess Free: Eliminate the mess of crystals or pellets being tracked through your house, office, or business. Simply pour our safe ice melt into any pump sprayer and spray across your yard, sidewalk, concrete, deck, roof, or parking lot.

✔️Stores Indefinitely: Our pet friendly ice melt does not have a shelf life. This means if you don't use all of your liquid ice melt this winter, store it for next winter! Save money by using our snow melt two winters in a row!

✔️More Coverage: Our 1 gallon jug of deicer covers more ground than a 35 pound bag of salt. By spraying a thin layer of our ice melt for snow, you can safely prevent snow and ice for your sidewalk, driveway, deck, and even your patio!

How Do I Apply Covington Rapid Liquid Ice Melt?

✔️Directions: Pour into any pump sprayer. Liquid Ice Melt can be applied BEFORE ice and snow fall to prevent ice from forming. You can also spray it on ice after it has formed. Simply spray a thin coat of Liquid Ice Melt on the surface within 24 hours of freeze. Remove snow and loose ice before applying. Thicker ice formations will likely need multiple applications.

✔️Applications: Pellets can stick to your pets' paws. When they lick their paws, they ingest the pellets which can make them sick!  Also, pellets are messy and do not work until they begin to dissolve in warmer temps.  Pellets can easily be tracked throughout your house and may cause staining or damage to your flooring.  Covington Liquid Ice Melt will not damage concrete, plants, or grass.

Liquid Ice Melt Ingredients:

  • Magnesium Chloride 7786-30-3 27.0%
  • Proprietary Ingredients 6%

High Quality

Manufactured in the USA with the highest quality materials, ingredients, and manufacturing standards.

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Covington Liquid Ice Melt is Trusted by Highway Departments, Airports, Metro Road Crews, Pet Owners, Lawn Care Enthusiast, and hundreds of Customers just like You, so Go Ahead,Stock Up, Buy in Bulk, andSave BIG!
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Perfect for Patios, Decks, Driveways, Sidewalks, Parking Lots & Storefronts!

✔️More Bang For Your Buck: Our 1 gallon jug of ice melt covers more area than a 35 pound bag of messy snow salt. Don't slip down and hurt yourself on a frozen driveway or patio, use our pet safe ice melt to keep your house free of ice and snow!

✔️Safe for Pets: Keep your pets paws safe with our liquid ice melt. Unlike rough, abrasive salt ice melt, our pet friendly ice melt won't harm your pets paws. Even when it's snowing or a freeze, your pets will still need to go out to use the bathroom. Be sure you keep them and their paws safe with our liquid ice melt. Keep your driveway, deck, and patio safe and ice free for your four legged fur babies!

✔️Prevents Freezing and Refreezing: Our deicer for driveway, decks, patios, and roof can be sprayed up to 24 hours before a snow or freeze to prevent freezing. By spraying a thin layer over the area you can prevent freezing up to -30 degrees! Don't worry if your driveway is already frozen over! Our pet safe ice melt can also melt snow and ice and prevent refreezing!

✔️Eliminates Mess: Don't worry about your pets or children tracking in annoying ice salt or pellets. Our deicer won't leave your floors scratched or scraped. Our neutral pH wont damage hardwood, tile, concrete, or granite. Don't spend your time sweeping annoying ice pellets out of your foyer or entryway, start using our liquid ice melt to melt snow and ice.

✔️Proudly Made in the USA: We proudly make all of our products in the USA. We are so confident our ice melt will work for you, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you aren't 100% satisfied, we will refund you, no questions asked.

Pet Safe Ice Melt Customer Questions & Answers:

A:Covington Rapid Liquid Ice Melt is Made in the USA and shipped from the USA. We have several different fulfillment locations and will try to ship from the one closest to you so we can get your package to you as quickly as possible. Usually your order ships next business day and should take anywhere from 3-7 business days to arrive at your shipping address.

A: Pour into any pump sprayer. Liquid Ice Melt can be applied BEFORE ice and snow fall to prevent ice from forming. You can also spray it on ice after it has formed. Simply spray a thin coat of Liquid Ice Melt on the surface within 24 hours of freeze.

A: Unlike salt crystals and pellets, Covington Liquid Ice Melt won't be tracked inside and all over your home or business. The liquid spray is safer for paws and your flooring.

A: Simply pour the Liquid Ice Melt into any clean pump sprayer and start spraying.

A: A one gallon jug over Covington Liquid Ice Melt will cover up to 2,000 sq. ft. (Much more area than pellets or crystals.)

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
The Neighbor Dominator
Best Product for patio and porch

Instead of putting down the nasty rock salt and tracking it through the house this is definitely the way to go. No annoying foot prints at the front door and it starts working instantly. Plus it's pet safe and won't get into the dogs paws which was a problem before.

Works much better with my Pets

The sidewalk on the north side of my house never gets any direct sunlight in the winter, which means it stays cold for an long time and ice takes longer to melt. My area recently had a record snowfall / ice storm event so it was the perfect time to try out Liquid Ice Melt. It worked great! The photo shows my sidewalk, untreated on the left and treated with Liquid Ice Melt on the right. The compacted snow and ice on the untreated sidewalk was slippery as expected, however, the treated sidewalk was just wet. Also nice that there weren't any salty white footprints tracked back into the house!

Dan Crook
Best Ice Melt product I have ever used bar none !

Over the years I've used different products including all of the typical standard ones. Because we have dogs my wife insisted we try Covington this past December. Best ever. No little balls brought in my shoes or paws. Worked quickly and kept cement areas clear worked on our deck part regular wood part tex -no damage to grass/ground and no ice ! No hauling bags or large jugs , simple application with just a garden sprayer.
This is the ONLY product we will use from here on out period.
Definitely going to check out other products for the lawn and garden this Spring. They have a customer for life now, not many companies are this good/reliable any more but Covington sure is. Bravo Covington.

Susan Searl
Love it

Love the convenience, quality and ability to use preventatively and the fact that it is pet friendly. Also nice that it does not track in your house or leave a mess everywhere. Excellent customer service as well.

Worth Every Penny!

Used this on our sidewalks this morning and it worked perfect! Definitely going to have this from here on out. I highly recommend this!

Great Product — Easy to Use — Made in the USA

Product was delivered timely and worked perfectly as advertised. Easy to spread and less hassle than using salts. Made in the USA! Thanks !

Felton S.
Works Great!

Put it on my driveway before freezing rain forecast. Next morning 28 degrees F. Driveway was wet, but no ice! Couldn't be more pleased. Certainly not as messy as pellets! I'll be using this all winter!

Very easy to apply and safe for pets

We had a recent ice storm so we wanted to be prepared for the next ice storm or even just a snow storm. The Liquid Ice Melt arrived just in time! We were able to apply it to our sidewalks and long driveway with ease. We also had peace of mind as this was safe for our dogs along with our neighbors' dogs that we walk on the sidewalks.