BRIX Booster Growth Nutrients Powder
BRIX Booster Growth Nutrients Powder
BRIX Booster Growth Nutrients Powder

BRIX Booster Growth Nutrients Powder

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Covington Naturals Ultra Sweet Growth Nutrients Increases Plant Proteins, Vitamins and Minerals for a High Yield Boost in Growth 

  • Increasing BRIX levels boosts plant growth and reduces insect pressure
  • Just add water for increase in yield production
  • Compatible with other herbicide and fungicide treatments
  • Adds carbohydrates to fuel microbial activity
  • Affordable, just add 2-4 oz. per gallon of water
  • Proven to raise production by 15-20%
  • Available in 1 lb. or 20 lb. containers

Covington Naturals Ultra Sweet Growth Nutrients can be combined with our liquid lawn/plant aerator to increase your crop’s yield and quality or can be used as a stand alone additive. Just add water and watch the increase in the rate of photosynthesis, carbs, and minerals go to work to contribute to your plants or crops growth and strength.

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Customer Reviews

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Jennie Lewin
Didn't notice a difference

Upon using, I didn't notice a difference in the plants. It certainly didn't hurt them, but didn't help them either.

I'm sorry this didn't work for you. If you'd like we would love to help you achieve what you are looking for!

Free sample was nice

The only difference I noticed was fewer bugs on my roses. Additional applications may be necessary to see any growth improvements.

Hey! On using the Brix we recommend using about 4oz per gallon of water. Spray it on the base of the plant. For best results use every 30 days. If you really wanna see it 'pop' then mix it with our Liquid Lawn Aerator! It'll blow your mind at the wonderful results!

Bhaskar Bhadra
Didnt received the item

I was supposed to get free sample but didnt receive it

I'm sorry this has happened! We have sent out a new sample package out to you in replacement.

Michael Jacobs
Needed boost for my compacted shady backyard.

Applied Brix Booster in conjunction with Covington Lawn Liquid Aerator. Seem a jump in health of yard along with reduction in puddling after hard rains.

Paul Sternschein
Sugar water

According to the label it's mostly sugar. I wasn't aware that sugar did a,anything for plants, it didn't.

Hi Paul! The sugar water for plants supplies carbons of soluble carbon and it's very valuable when mixed in with foliar sprays to spray on crops. It speeds up the process of photosynthesis by adding sugar to their water can help your plants grow faster

Stephen Hobrecht
100% Dextrose sugar

The package is just Dextrose sugar. I would assume I could just go out and buy sugar for the same result???

Yes, you could, but your plants and grass would suffer as a result.  When unrefined powder sugar is introduced on plants or grass the plants draw it up into the plant wrongly drawing moisture out of the ground and they go into shock for days or weeks.  They will generally recover, but it will set back the growth and production of the plant, turf, flower, or vegetable.  Trust me, if the sugar people knew regular powdered sugar worked, they would put it on the shelf with a label claiming it was good for grass and plants!

Liney Garcia
BRIX Booster Growth Nutrients Powder - Sample Size

Good stuff sample size.

Carole Graves

It was ok