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    Get the Right Nutrients for Every Plant with Covington's Plant Fertilizer

    Different plants have different needs, from succulents to fruit trees. Covington's plant fertilizer has the perfect blend of nutrients for every type of plant, including tomato, hydrangea, marijuana, orchid, citrus, rose, blueberry, azalea, gardenia, palm tree, strawberry and flower fertilizers. Our natural formula promotes healthy growth and vibrant blooms.

    Get the Best Plant Fertilizer for Your Specific Plant Type or Application

    Are you struggling to keep your plants healthy and vibrant? Do you know that different plants require different nutrients to thrive? If you want to see your garden flourish, it's essential to choose the right plant fertilizer. At Covington Naturals, we have a wide range of fertilizers that cater to different plant needs.

    Our plant fertilizers are specially formulated with the right balance of nutrients that your plants need. Whether you're growing tomatoes, hydrangeas, marijuana, orchids, citrus fruits, roses, blueberries or fruit trees, we have a fertilizer that will work wonders for your plants.

    If you're looking for a tomato fertilizer that will enhance the growth and flavor of your tomatoes, our Tomato Fertilizer is just what you need. It contains all the essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in balanced amounts that tomato plants require.

    For hydrangeas that bloom with beautiful colors and large flowers, our Hydrangea Fertilizer is perfect. It has high levels of phosphorus which helps in flower production and enhances color intensity.

    Marijuana growers can also benefit from our Marijuana Fertilizer. This formula is designed specifically for cannabis plants and provides all the necessary nutrients for optimal growth and yield.

    Orchid enthusiasts can choose from our range of Orchid Fertilizers which are formulated to provide the specific nutrient ratios required by these delicate plants. Our Citrus Fertilizer is perfect for those who grow oranges or lemons as it provides all the necessary micronutrients needed by these fruit trees.

    If you want to keep your roses blooming throughout the season with vibrant colors and strong stems, try our Rose Fertilizer. Blueberry growers can use our Blueberry Fertilizer which contains high levels of acidifying elements like sulfur and iron to maintain soil pH levels optimal for blueberry growth.

    Fruit tree growers can benefit from our Fruit Tree Fertilizer which promotes healthy root development and overall plant vigor. Azalea lovers can choose from our range of Azalea Fertilizers which contain higher levels of acidifying elements like sulfur and iron similar to blueberry fertilizers but also include additional micronutrients required by azalea bushes.

    Gardenia enthusiasts can use our Gardenia Fertilizer which contains high levels of nitrogen aimed at promoting lush foliage growth while Palm Tree growers can use our Palm Tree fertilizer containing micronutrients including magnesium aimed at preventing common palm tree deficiencies such as yellowing leaves.

    Strawberry farmers will love using our Strawberry Fertilizer which promotes vigorous growth leading up to harvest time while Succulent lovers will appreciate using our Succulent fertilizer which allows succulents to thrive indoors or outdoors.

    No matter what type of plant you're growing, Covington Naturals has a fertilizer that caters specifically to its needs. Our formulas are made with organic ingredients ensuring no harmful chemicals are present in any product making them safe around children or pets alike.