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Kill Bed Bugs is trusted by families, businesses, hotels and anywhere an effective, all-natural treatment is required.

✔️INSTRUCTIONS: Spray a fine mist over the area where bed bugs are located. Repeat again every hour for 2 -3 applications. Over saturating the area all at once can have the opposite effect of what you are looking for. The fine mist will permeate the outer shell of the bed bug, and as they absorb it into the body it suffocates the bug. Each bottle will treat an area up to 300 square feet ( 15 ft. X 20 ft) and any furnishings in the room to be treated. It is not necessary to treat hardwood floors, tile or linoleum flooring in bath room areas.

✔️PREPARING THE AREA TO BE TREATED: Remove all debris from floors, closets, drawers, shelves, cabinets and other enclosed areas. Vacuum carpets and place vacuum bag and debris into tightly sealed plastic bags and dispose of promptly. Move all furnishings away from walls to allow access. Remove all drawers from furniture and place drawers on end so the inside and underside of all drawers are exposed. Remove all cushions and pillows from chairs and couches. Close all drapes so the surfaces may be sprayed. Remove any headboards and headboard supports, pictures, wall hangings and any other fixtures so the product can be applied to all surfaces. Remove all bedding and pillow cases from beds, place in plastic bags and launder. Replace after treatment has been completed. Separate the box spring from the mattress so the entire bed frame, its railings and wheel or support assemblies are exposed. Remove cloth from bottom of box spring and spray inside box springs. Carefully dispose of cloth as it may harbor eggs. Turn off any fans or forced air units during treatment.

✔️APPLICATION OF TREATMENT: Place trigger sprayer into bottle. Be sure sprayer is completely seated. Be sure sprayer is off. SHAKE BOTTLE VIGOROUSLY PRIOR TO APPLICATION. DURING APPLICATION SHAKE BOTTLE VIGOROUSLY EVERY 10 TO 15 MINUTES. Turn sprayer to setting for applying a mist, not a stream. Hold nozzle back 30 inches from spray area. Keeps sprayer moving at a rate of 3-4 feet of area per second. Do not overlap treated areas.

Apply to all surfaces including drapes, drawer surfaces, furniture joints, baseboards and other surfaces in the room. Be sure to treat all sides of surfaces on cushions, mattresses, bed springs, drawers, etc. For carpets, start with all areas underneath or covered by beds, couches, chairs and treat as above with the mist setting. Then treat all other carpet areas starting with the area farthest away from the exit, working towards the exit door. Porous surfaces should be sprayed so they are just damp, not to saturation. Carpets should also be sprayed. In rooms or areas with limited carpeting, cracks and crevices should be treated with the sprayer set to a stream setting. Surfaces should be allowed to dry before reoccupying the treated area Once all surfaces have been treated, allow sufficient time for COVINGTON BED BUG KILLER to dry. Once all surfaces are dry, replace all furniture, drawers, etc. to proper locations. Place freshly laundered bedding on mattresses and pillows. Lightly spray bedspread or comforter. You should also place your clothing into a plastic bag after coming into contact with them and wash the clothing in hot soapy washing machine.

The Bed Bug Killer will continue to kill listed insects for up to 30 days after application. However, since it takes 6-10 days for the egg to hatch you will need to follow directions every week for several weeks & then once a month until they are completely gone. By repeating the treatment, you can ensure that any hatchlings that may have hatched after the initial treatments are also taken care of.

While applying we recommend latex or rubber gloves and protective eye wear.

Quality Ingredients Made Right Here in the USA

Satisfaction Guarantee

✔️MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Covington's Bed Bug's Spray comes in a 32oz bottle that's double the size of most similar products. This means ours lasts longer, and can be used on even the toughest infestations. Bed bugs can be very difficult to get rid of, and repeated treatments are oftentimes needed. With our extra large 32oz bottle , you will be able to apply treatments multiple times.

✔️100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We are confident in our products and that's why we back it with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

✔️STARTS WORKING ON CONTACT: Our bedbug spray, if applied correctly, starts working on contact. By spraying a fine mist over the area and repeating again in an hour, you permeate the outer shell of the bug. Our product will continue working up to 30 days after application. By repeating the treatment, you can ensure that any newly hatched larvae are suffocated as well ensuring they do not become adult bugs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Robert Savage
Awesome Formula

Covington Naturals
has a awesome formula that lives up to its claims on how very effective the bed bug treatment works. I /we our family members were relieved when these little nuisance pests were eradicated.
Thank you Covington
for this Awesome product.

R. Savage

Works not only on bedbugs, but also on Ants, Fleas & Roaches!!

When it comes to bugs, I am super paranoid. I like to buy bug killers in advance of when I actually need it just to have on hand when I see them crawling around because once I see them, I need something to kill them right away. I don't want to run to the store or order it from amazon and then have to wait for it to arrive. I just don't want to live with any bugs. So I bought this spray even though I have not seen any bed bugs in my bed yet, but I figured I couldn't be too proactive. However, when I read the label that it worked even on ants, fleas, and roaches, I was so happy. I went looking for ants outside since I can't test on fleas or roaches just yet. It's too cold for fleas, and roaches...well, I just hope I never see them. I found a few ants walking around outside, so I sprayed this Covington Bed Bug Killer on them, and I found that there was no odor, which I think is good. This spray is supposed to be non-toxic, safe to use around animals and human because it is made of natural ingredients. I lost a dog to Leukemia because I was using pesticides and weed killer Roundup in the yards that he was rolling in, so I'm much more careful now with what I will use around my pets and people. So what happened when I spray on the ants and a few tiny insects that I could not tell what they were? The ants stopped walking and the tiny insects just flew up from impact of the spray. I tried to adjust the nozzle so it was not streaming and to be more like a mist, but it would not change from a strong stream to a mist to be more gentle and cover a wider area. So for that, I am giving it 4 stars. Maybe it was just my bottle. I don't know. Back to the ants, they seemed to be incapacitated. I left them and went back to the spots later. I did not see them any more. The spots were dry. So I don't know what happened to the bodies of the ants. Maybe their folks came by and picked them up for proper funerals.

Easy To Use & Keeps Bed Bugs Away

This product is super easy to use, easier to use than I thought it would be to do myself while I was hiring expensive exterminators to do it for me. This saves me a ton of money. And I can do it any time I want to. It doesn't smell bad and is safe and non-toxic. And I haven't seen a bed bug since I sprayed it.

Kills on contact!

This product works amazing!

Winona Haehlen
Worked very good

Was able to spray without being overwhelmed by the smell or needing to wear a mask with some other products.

No.more bed bugs

Great product. No bed bugs. Works great no smell or odors. Came very well package. And protect in shipping

It Works

This stuff works! I bought it because it was safe around children and pets. No odor either. I highly recommend this product.

This stuff works great

I really like this product it seems to work fine I spray every other day about to purchase another bottle. There is no toxic smell like other bed bug sprays. And it dries really fast on bedding. Great product