how to raise brix levels in plants

What is the Difference in Powdered Sugar and Covington Naturals Ultra Sweet Dextrose?

BRIX Booster Ultra Sweet Powder Concentrate

We have been getting a lot of questions about our Growth Nutrients Ultra Sweet Powder Concentrate.  Most of us studied a little in high school science about photosynthesis and the fact it is a natural process that all plants go through where sunlight is converted to sugar, and sugar equals carbohydrates which equals cellulose which is the main structural component of the cell walls in the plant or turf.  And while there are a variety of ways to enhance this process and increase sugar production, there are also a variety of ways you can damage the plants by using the wrong kind. 

Why Shouldn't I Buy a Bag of Powdered Sugar?  It's Cheaper!

We often get asked, “why don’t I just go buy a bag of powdered sugar?” “It’s cheaper!”  Yes, you could, but your plants and grass would suffer as a result.  When unrefined powder sugar is introduced on plants or grass the plants draw it up into the plant wrongly drawing moisture out of the ground and they go into shock for days or weeks.  They will generally recover, but it will set back the growth and production of the plant, turf, flower, or vegetable.  Trust me, if the sugar people knew regular powdered sugar worked, they would put it on the shelf with a label claiming it was good for grass and plants!

increasing brix levels in plants


100% Organic

Our Sweet Powder Concentrate is 100% organic, and we also have added Microbe’s into the mix to ensure a healthy food for plants that will raise the BRIX level in the plant and give it a boost of energy for growth and production.  Also, some sugars such as fructose and glucose are generally not derived from Cane, thus not as beneficial as ours.  I introduce our Growth Nutrients Ultra Sweet Powder into everything I spray.  It actually stabilizes nitrogen pellets and binds them to make them more effective.  While I sparingly use nitrogen, when feeding corn, milo, hemp, etc; some nitrogen is healthy as long as you use it along with other components. 

BRIX Booster

Increasing the BRIX Level

Our Cannabis growers are finding that our Ultra Sweet is drawn up into the plant rapidly increasing the BRIX level (sugar measured content) and the buds receive the greatest amount of sugar drawn up.  Also, the older mature leaves need and use less sugar than the young ones (just like us humans).

Well How Do I Use this BRIX Booster Stuff?

Whether I am using our Liquid Lawn Aerator, Liquid Iron, Power Grow, or Micronutrients, I always put 2-4 oz. of Sweetner in whatever I am spraying to give the plants, grass, or vegetables an extra energy boost and the microbes go to work doing their thing as well.  The only exception to this is our Seed Booster and Clone Concentrate.  I use it full strength to insure a healthy pull by the plant up into the stem to get a rapid boost of the nutrients in that product.