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Plant Food - Ready to Use

Plant Food - Ready to Use

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Plant Food for Indoor – Outdoor Plants and Soil - Liquid Food for Healthy Soil and All Types of Plants


  • Our indoor outdoor liquid plant food contains lots of plant stimulants as well as kelp, humic acid, potash, iron, dextrose and more.
  • Indoor plant health is simple to apply, available in concentrate or ready to use.
  • Plant food for indoor or outdoor use on plants, shrubs, trees & turf.
  • Your potted plants will become healthier and more beautiful with use of this product.
  • Made in the USA filled with micronutrients that indoor plants need to stay healthy.

Indoor Plants & Ornamentals: Apply Covington Naturals Ready to Use Product directly into the soil as a drench and you may apply as a mist to foliage taking care to protect overspray from staining furniture or carpet. If overspray occurs, immediately clean with soap and water.

Our Ready to Use product is also available in a convenient concentrate suitable for Trees, Plants, Flowers, Shrubs, Fruit Trees, Ornamentals, Potted Plants, Vegetables, and Turf.

Covington liquid microbial stimulant will improve the health of the soil thus the plant by feeding and stimulating the natural enzymes in the soil while feeding your plants with healthy nutrients that make them strong while improving the root uptake value and yield of the plant. The soil becomes softer while breaking down organic matter and increasing growth.


Directions: Shake well before using as some settling occurs during storage. Can be used for either indoor or outdoor applications. Do not apply to outdoor foliage if temperatures are above 80°F or below 40°F. Always protect from overspray. See label for additional information.


Ingredients: When your indoor or outdoor plants are needing a little boost, our plant food & fertilizer is jam packed with natural ingredients including: nitrogen, potash, sulfur, iron, humic acids and much more. Proven to increase micronutrient uptake and increase microbe food.

Customer Reviews

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The Potted Plant Lady
It really is the good stuff!

I've been using for about 8 weeks now and my plants are happier than ever!