Liquid Lawn Dethatcher
Liquid Lawn Dethatcher
Liquid Lawn Dethatcher
Liquid Lawn Dethatcher
Liquid Lawn Dethatcher
Liquid Lawn Dethatcher
Liquid Lawn Dethatcher

Liquid Lawn Dethatcher

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Covington Liquid Lawn Dethatcher, Liquid Aerator Aerating Soil Loosener to Condition Compacted Soil, Humic Grass Thatch Remover Buster, Kid and Pet Safe, 32 Oz


✔️ Dethatch And Aerate Lawns: Our lawn dethatcher is formulated to help aerate and dethatch your lawn by providing it with a wide range of enzymes and minerals. It’s safe for most grass types and grass clippings to remove the need for aerator shoes or dethatching rakes .

✔️ Loosen And Condition Soil: The liquid dethatcher and aerator loosens and breaks apart compacted soil using a carefully balanced blend of natural ingredients and biostimulants that help promote nutrient uptake, support root growth, and improve drainage.

✔️ Kid And Pet Friendly Formula: We formulated this lawn thatching solution to quickly and easily decompress thatch layers and grass clippings using only pure ingredients without relying on any harsh chemicals or additives to make sure it’s safe for pets and kids as well. 

✔️ Suitable For Any Lawn: This grass dethatcher / liquid yard aerator is simple to use, conserves water, and gentle on the environment so you can use it with peace on almost all grass types including lawns and yards of any size, gardens, compost, and more.

✔️ Simple And Easy To Use: The 32oz concentrated liquid dethatcher can cover up to 10,000 sq ft of grass when applied properly. Just mix 4-8 oz of the liquid aerator per gallon of water and use with a hose-end or pump sprayer for quick application

Covington liquid lawn dethatcher and aerator is formulated to provide you with a simple, safe, and convenient way to dethatch, aerate and decompress soil. It breaks down and loosens compacted soil to aerate and dethatch your grass while saving you both time and effort making it the perfect choice for homes, gardens, farms, and anywhere else you want to support grass and plant growth.

Besides helping decompress the lawn, it also helps promote drainage and airflow to prevent lawn damage and unwanted pests while being a breeze to apply. Simply follow the mixing instructions and apply it to your lawn through a pump sprayer or hose – it’s that simple.

When it comes to purity, we don’t cut corners. Our lawn dethatcher is made using only carefully chosen ingredients that are natural and safe for you, your lawn, and your family. We don’t rely on any artificial additives, chemicals, or stimulants so you can use it with peace of mind.

Dethatch, aerate, and give your lawn the support it needs with Covington liquid lawn dethatcher!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
This stuff is fantastic

This is the second time I have used Liquid Aerator and I know it is helping my lawn/grass. I had a huge area that was all shade then I had many trees cut down so that became super sun area. The grass was a mess so I started reseeding with sun grass and using the liquid aerator from Covington, stopped my lawn place from doing the regular aerator and it made a huge difference. The good grass is better and the not so good grass is doing really great. I plan on doing another round of the Liquid Aerator end of October as I overseed for winter. I love all the products from Covington and use this and the Grass Paint and the Black Paint for my mulch....all have been really good. I would recommend anyone try will love it!

Susan K

Really pleased with what is happening to the yard. It’s like it is coming to life. Greening and growing well even in a down hill area. We have 3 maples that have shallow feeding roots so they take the nutrients and water first. I just sprayed the second application over flower beds and lawn. It’s amazing to watch the transformation!

Sue S.

Love this product! After a couple applications my grass looks great and water is soaking in much better and even with heat of summer the grass is greener!


What a difference! I can't believe how well this product works. Plus, its natural and safe for my dogs to use around them too - perfect timing because we just got some new puppy friends that will be coming over soon too :)

Greener grass

I mix liquid Dethatcher with liquid fertilizer. My yard is looking exceptional this Spring. Extremely please and will buy again. Five Stars

a good soil conditioner

It helped to make the grass greener and healthier,and very easy to use.

Landon W.
Easy to use and lawn has never looked better

Wow! What a difference. I highly recommend this product. It works great, easy to apply, and its safe to use around my dogs.

Paul Vincent
Seems to be working

I believe this product is helping make my lawn and soil healthier and more fertile, respectively. It is greener and fuller than prior to using it, and I don’t think that is just from additional watering.