Seed Booster & Cloning Concentrate
Seed Booster & Cloning Concentrate
Seed Booster & Cloning Concentrate
Seed Booster & Cloning Concentrate
Seed Booster & Cloning Concentrate
Seed Booster & Cloning Concentrate
Seed Booster & Cloning Concentrate
Seed Booster & Cloning Concentrate

Seed Booster & Cloning Concentrate

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Faster Seed Germination, Clone, and Root Starts

  • Approved & Listed 100% Organic
  • 8 oz Bottle - Concentrated Solution - Can be dilluted
  • Increases Quicker Germination of New Seeds
  • Better Quality, Stability, and Growth of Clones
  • Absorbs Quicker and Deeper into Stems
  • Will Not Capsulate or Dry Like Gels or Powders

Papa Zeep's Seed Booster & Clone Concentrate is 100% organic and proven to produce faster germination of seeds while raising protein and BRIX levels in clones and new seedlings. Seeds have been known to sprout within hours of application and submersion.  Clones are healthier and more stable with improved yield. Insect pressure is notably reduced.

Simply the Best Seed Starter and Cloning Solution for Explosive Root Growth

✔️100% Organic Concentrated Seed Starter & Cloning Solution: Get more bang for your buck with our root stimulator. This 8 oz bottle can treat up to 100 pounds of seed. Our solution can be diluted just follow the directions below. Give your seeds the boost they need with our Clone and Seed Starter Solution.

✔️Increased & Quicker Germination of New Seeds: Our Root Stimulator is specially designed to treat all types of seeds. Our special compound works to increase quicker germination and improve the overall growth and performance of the seeds. 

✔️Better Quality, Stability, and Growth of Clones: Not only does our liquid rooting compound improve the overall quality, stability, and growth of your new seed and clone, it also helps raise protein and sugar levels in the plant. This results in explosive root growth and fuller, more vibrant plant growth.

✔️Absorbs Quicker and Deeper into Stems for Explosive Root Growth: Our seedling starter solution provides all of the nutrients and minerals that young roots need during their most formative stages. Rapid and deep absorption produces explosive root development and successful plant growth.

✔️MADE in the USA: Our Clone Booster will Not Capsulate or Dry Like Gels- Our seed starter solution will not dry out like cloning gel or root powder. Our formula is alcohol free and provides the moisture and absorption your plants need to grow.  

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How Do I Apply Covington Seed Starter & Cloning Solution?

✔️New Seedlings: Roll the seeds into enough liquid to cover them completely. Do not soak the seeds more than 1-2 minutes, it will begin to break down the husk (outer layer) of the seeds. Immediately plant into rich soil. You may pour any remaining liquid into soil containing the seeds.

✔️Cloning: Submerge the cut clone about 3-4 minutes into solution allowing it to draw up into the stem, then insert into moist soil. For new starts, soak the roots in the same manner then plant. Concentrate can be (but not required) diluted up to 1:4 depending on your application.

plant cloning gel
clone fiddle leaf fig

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Manufactured in the USA with the highest quality materials, ingredients, and manufacturing standards.

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Using 100% Organic Rooting Solution VS Rooting Hormone

Most people that are using Hormones in their cloning process are not 100% organic, because they are using artificial Hormones. Organic Hormones are produced naturally by plants, while plant growth regulators are applied to plants by humans. Plant hormones and growth regulators are chemicals that affect:

✔️Root growth.
✔️Distortion and killing of organs.
✔️Prevention or promotion of stem elongation.
✔️Color enhancement of fruit.
✔️Prevention of leafing, leaf fall or both.
✔️Many other conditions.

Very small concentrations of these substances produce major growth changes. BUT, may not be 100% organic. True Growers use only 100% organics for cloning to retain flavor and color in their plants.

Watch these Wheat Seeds Treated with Covington Seed Starter Sprout in Less than 7 days

Frequently Asked Questions

A:Covington Seed Booster and Cloning Solution is Made in the USA and shipped from the USA. We have several different fulfillment locations and will try to ship from the one closest to you so we can get your package to you as quickly as possible. Usually your order ships next business day and should take anywhere from 3-7 business days to arrive at your shipping address.

A:OMRI supports organic integrity by developing clear information and guidance about materials, so that producers know which products are appropriate for organic operations. Our Seed Booster and Cloning Solutions is proudly OMRI Listed as Organic and Made in the USA.

A: Just roll or mix the seeds into solution until covered, then insert into moist soil. We recommend treating the soil with our Liquid Aerator, but not required. 8oz treats 100lbs of seed.

Explosive Root Growth for Faster Blooms and Stronger Plants

✔️Treats Multiple Seed and Plant Types: Our Root Stimulator is specially designed to treat all types of seeds and clones. Use our plant rooting solution to help with root development on multiple types of plants, including, herbaceous, vegetables, fruit trees, small trees, woody and flowering species, and much more!

✔️Increased Germination of New Seeds: Our advanced eco friendly seed starter provides naturally occurring microbes, essential plant nutrients, humic acid and carbohydrates to help in cloning and your seeds reach their full potential. Our special compound works to increase quicker germination and improve the overall growth and performance of the seeds. It also stimulates seed boosting, and root growth for faster blooms and stronger plants.

Made In USA

✔️Easy and Quick Application: Our easy to apply seed starter solution can be diluted 1:4, and 8oz will treat up to 100 pounds of seed. Mix thoroughly until all seeds are evenly coated. Give 1-2 weeks to start to see seed growth and watch your seeds blossom into lush plants. Give your clones and seeds the boost they need with our Clone and Seed Starter Solution.

✔️Made in the USA: Our seed starter and cloning solution is proudly made in the USA. It is 100% Organic OMRI listed, so you can trust you are getting the best eco friendly solution on the market.

✔️Money Back Guarantee: We are so confident in our seed starter, that we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you aren't getting the results you wanted! Our dedicated customer service reps are standing by to answer all of your planting questions! Start using our seed starter and clone solution now to grow the plants of your dreams!

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Filipina Bear
Really liking the results

It was my mission this year to up the ante with my propagation game. What was one 1 plant is now hundreds of plants. Roses, herbs, ground covers, salvia, begonias, --the list is endless. Great product. Will be buying more. Wish I could buy by the gallon.

Bill Parks
Showed no sign of improving growth

I used this product on grass (tall fescue) and sprayed it on lawn sod and top soil (5 bags). All spread and mixed evenly. Sprayed once. Watered daily with hose sprayer and Waited 5 days then sprayed area with aerator liquid. Hopefully now it will take off and grow. Would say the grass booster did not work as advertised.

Hey Bill,

It doesn't sound like the product was applied correctly, give me a call and tell me more about your lawn and I'll get you taken care of.

Contact Us:
Mon-FRI: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Call: 1-405-676-1575

Covington Support

Kayce Miller
It Works

Product produced results as advertised. Used seed booster on an eco-grass fescue blend during overseeding this season, yielded great results in comparison to previous year without seed booster.

Steroids for cuttings

At a local nursery, one of the clerks helping me swore by this! She said..."it is almost like cheating..." - and she is right... our roots are exploding. My husband and I call this our 'steroids' for greenery. haha

new to cloning

Buy this product, watch a few YouTube videos and use a humidity dome. I take 5-6 clone cuttings a week and most of them root within a week and go on to become healthy plants. I bought a clone from a dispensary and I have several healthy plants in flowering right now. You can dillute this stuff and it will last forever.

Love Gardening

I plant hundreds of seeds and also try to root cuttings from anything I can find growing Love gardening! This mixes easily with water and with this size, it lasts a long time. From my perspective, I see healthy, well-established plants and trees with strong root systems. Once the roots are fed, the plants produce full, lush plants. Will continue to use.

Clones are going crazy

I've never seen my clones take off like this, root growth is so fast!

My secreat weapon

This is my secret weapon for cloning literally anything, I'll never have to buy another plant again.