Introduction to Covington Naturals and Our Products

We are a Family Owned business with a long history of experience in the farming and turf industry. Covington products are used everywhere from large farming operations, golf courses, to residential lawns.

Here at Covington Naturals we are committed to providing products which are safe for your entire family including your pets. Whether it is our All Natural and Organic Pest Control products or our full line of All Natural and Organic products for your lawn and garden. You can rely on our products to get the job done without risking the health of your family!

Our products are proudly made in the USA!  We take pride in providing you with quality American Made products. 

Lawn and Garden Products

Soil is the base of the landscape areas around our yard.  If you do not have good healthy soil, you will never have healthy grass, plants, or vegetables.  Good soil is full of organic matter, containing bacteria and fungi along with insects such as worms and beetles etcetera. These components make the soil richer for your growing plants. Pore spaces in the soil contain air and water for the roots that build great healthy plants above the ground as well as within.  These pore spaces are also where the biological component of soil exists.

Managing soil health is one of the easiest and most effective way to increase grass productivity and healthy growth while improving the environment.  At Covington Naturals we recognize the importance of soil health and offer you a variety of affordable products designed to build microbial life and enhance yields in grass, plants and landscaping.  We focus on the biology of the soil building organic matter and microbes so the grass and plants can grow in a healthier environment.  We have products that will raise the protein and BRIX levels in your plants.

From planting the seeds to harvesting your crops we have products to support your plants and your soil!  We offer a variety of products for your lawns and all of your plants!

Seed Booster and Cloning Solution specially is designed to treat all types of seeds. Our special compound works to increase quicker germination and improve the overall growth and performance of the seeds and clones.   Not only does our liquid improve the overall quality, stability, and growth, it also helps raise protein and sugar levels in the plant. This results in explosive root growth and fuller, more vibrant plant growth. Seeds have been known to sprout within hours of application and submersion.  Clones are healthier and more stable with improved yield. Insect pressure is notably reduced.

Seed Booster & Clone Concentrate

Ultra Sweet Growth Nutrients increases plant proteins, vitamins and minerals for a high yield boost in plant growth. It can be combined with our liquid lawn/plant aerator to increase your crop’s yield and quality or it can be used as a stand alone additive. 

Ultra Sweet

The Liquid Lawn Aerator is a powerful biological that alleviates the effects of compaction, increases nutrient uptake and promotes healthier plant growth using  carbohydrates to fuel the microbes, providing an extra energy boost to the plants.  The composition of minerals, essential nutrients, humic acids and microbes work to break up the soil naturally increasing  nutrient uptake.  There is a blend of four bacillus strains of bacteria that work to enrich the soil in the Liquid Lawn Aerator

Liquid Lawn Aerator

Power Grow (3-18-18) Liquid Fertilizer  a low nitrogen, high phosphorus & potassium liquid fertilizer for strong roots, healthy growth, and a beautiful green lawn and plants.  This is a complete blend of Nitrogen (3%) and Phosphorous (18%) Potassium (18%).  Nitrogen is responsible for the growth of leaves and turf blades, Phosphorus for the root growth and flower development, and Potassium balances the overall functions of the plant performance.


Power Grow

3-18-18 NPK is a total balance Liquid Lawn Food and Fertilizer designed to feed healthy nutrients into your turf and plants to build healthy root systems while building the health and strength of the plant. The ingredients are derived from food grade sources and have a low salt index. This is the perfect nutrient to use in spring, summer, and fall! 

Green Grass Paint Covington's green grass spray is specially formulated to bring your lawn back to it's natural, vibrant color. Our non-toxic blend is key in covering up those pesky brown spots created by a drought or our four legged friends. Cover up dog urine and other dead spots with our grass paint for lawn. 

Green Grass Paint

Our green grass paint is non-toxic. Our lawn paint is tested with you, your families, and your fur babies in mind. It is water based and quick drying. 

Pest Control Products

Repel Drain Fly is a thick gel that clings to pipes and drains to rid them of drain fly infestations. Repels annoying and unsanitary drain flies with Citronella, a natural fly repellent.  

Repel Drain Fly

Kill Bed Bugs bedbug spray, if applied correctly, starts working on contact. By spraying a fine mist over the area and repeating again in an hour, you permeate the outer shell of the bug. Our product will continue working up to 30 days after application. By repeating the treatment, you can ensure that any newly hatched larvae are suffocated as well ensuring they do not become adult bugs This product has been tested and approved to meet specific standards for safety, quality, and performance, and that it actually works when used correctly. Our ingredients are on EPA's list of products Generally Recognized as Safe, for all mammals.

Bed Bug Killer

Other Products

Liquid Ice Melt  containing magnesium chloride, is known to be less corrosive than traditional rock salts. It is the safest choice for concrete, walkways, vegetation, and pets. Also, as a natural mineral, magnesium chloride ice melt has been recognized as an environmentally friendly method of melting ice and snow.

Liquid Ice Melt

Growing things is very important to us so naturally, we didn't want to make a product that would be harmful to pets, lawns, or gardens. Unlike other ice melters, magnesium chloride ice melt leaves minimal to no residue which makes clean up easy and virtually non-existent. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide excellent quality products that are Safe for you, Safe for your family, Safe for your pets, and Safe for the environment!  Contact us for further information or questions: or call us at 405-676-1575 
We are committed to you, your family, your plants and the environment!