organic lawn care

3 Benefits of Organic Grass and Lawn Care

Using organics improves the soil health thus the soil will retain moisture longer, aerating the soil to a greater extent improving the texture and enriches the soil adding necessary nutrients that promote grass growth.
  1. Healthy soil supports healthy grass with the right nutrients and adequate oxygen, air and water. The structure of your soil supports healthy grass with the right kind of nutrients guaranteeing the proper amounts reach the grass.
  2. The soil should retain water long enough for your lawn to absorb, but it must also allow drainage so the roots can get oxygen. That is another reason you should naturally aerate your soil with our Liquid Lawn Aerator because it gives the grass and plants those additional nutrients and sweeteners needed for healthy growth.
  3. If your soil is too acidic or compacted it may be unhealthy or malnourished thus adding our liquid lawn aerator will aerate the lawn and help it to retain moisture while breaking up the structure of the soil.

liquid lawn aerator

A thick healthy lawn deprives weeds of growth and makes it difficult to grow and thrive. Even weeds need sunlight, air, and space to grow. Our product can also release important nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium at a more gradual rate to allow the grass roots to absorb essential nutrients slowly and in small doses. The results would be a more stable root system that promotes healthier grass growth. With slower feeding, the root systems remain thick and vibrant with products a thicker stronger turf. When grass is lush and stronger your lawn is less vulnerable to harmful insects such as mites, diseases and other pests. Insects and disease caused by fungi and pests generally thrive on weaker plants and become more like parasites.

healthy soil

Using an organic product will prevent over feeding and burning often caused by over use of chemical products. Also when you overfeed your lawn with chemicals the soil cannot properly absorb it and the excess will pool in low areas creating a “burn” in those areas. Whereas our Liquid Lawn Aerator is like taking too many vitamins and will store and use the excess when needed.

Taking unhealthy soil that has been untreated for 5, 10, 20 years cannot be transformed overnight. But with the use of Covington Liquid Lawn Aerator you will see a difference in 90 days. Apply 4 times a year for best results.

We have golf courses, soccer fields, football fields and of course thousands of homeowners that use our product on a regular basis, because it works!