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So How Do I Apply Covington Naturals Liquid Lawn Aerator?

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So how do I apply Covington Naturals Liquid Lawn Aerator? Well, how compacted is your lawn?


Liquid Lawn Aerator

Recommended Steps for application:

1. Determine the square footage of your lawn..

2. Determine the compaction level of your lawn.

3. Determine what kind of sprayer you plan to use and how much liquid it will hold ie; hose  end sprayer, pump sprayer, backpack sprayer etc;

4. Note: most hose end sprayers put out 2 gallons per minute. You can check this by spraying into a bucket for 1 minute.

5. Determine how many square feet you can cover with that amount of liquid.

6. Determine using the scale below how much product you need to apply to your lawn.

Note: Always water the product just enough to soak it into the ground, but not so much to cause run off though. Since this is 100% organic, over application will not damage grass or plants. Applying more Liquid Aerator will increase nutrients made available to the soil. If the soil does not need those nutrients it simply will not absorb them.


We have 2 recommendations for application depending on your lawn conditions:

1. For normal lawns, use 32 oz per 12,000 sq feet every 45 - 60 days.

2. For lawns that have extreme conditions, use 2-8 oz per 1000 sq ft every 45 - 60 days


Lawn Square Footage


Example 1:

 A 6000 sq foot lawn that is in normal condition, assuming you are using a hose end sprayer that puts out 2 gallons per minute and has a quart container attached to it that allows you to spray 2,000 sq ft per container of product attached to the sprayer. Because you have a normal lawn, you will use the first recommendation of 32 oz per 12,000 sq ft. Since you have 6000 sq ft you only need half of that so 16 oz is what you need to apply.

The sprayer holds 1 quart, so simply mix and blend 16 oz of product with 2 ½ quarts of water. You will end up with 3 quarts of water/aerator solution to apply. Then pour a quart of this mixture into your hose end sprayer and spray the 1st 2000 sq feet. Next put your 2nd quart of the mixed water/aerator solution into the hose end container and spray your 2nd 2000 sq feet. Lastly, pour your 3rd quart of mixed water/aerator solution in and spray your 3rd 2000 sq feet.


Example 2:

You have a 5000 sq foot lawn that is mostly clay and is what you consider extremely compacted. You have a 4 gallon back pack garden sprayer (clean it thoroughly if it's ever had any poison in it). You believe from past experience that you can cover the entire 5000 sq feet with the four gallons and have a little left over once you finish. You determine that you will need to use the 2nd recommendation for application because your lawn is not normal. It is extremely compacted. It is at the maximum end of the sliding scale of 2-8 oz so you decide to use 8 oz per 1000 sq feet. 8 x 5 is 40, so you decide you need to use 40 oz of liquid aerator. You will mix this into the back pack sprayer for a total of 4 gallons of aerator/water solution. Put this out in your yard and you will have a small amount left over when you finish. With this small amount, go back over the trouble areas in your yard that look like they need it the most or that get the most traffic. Because you used a garden type sprayer to apply you should water your lawn just enough to soak the product into the ground but not so much to cause run off or puddling.


Example 3:

You have a large lawn of about an acre and it is in ok shape. Not at the top of scale but also not at the bottom, somewhere in the middle would be your guess. You have a sprayer that you pull behind your 4 wheeler that has an electric pump on it. The sprayer has a 21 gallon tank. You have no idea how much solution it will take to cover your yard so you fill it to the 5 gallon mark with water and test it. This 5 gallon runs out at what you believe is about ¼ of your lawn or ¼ of an acre. So you determine that you are going to need at least 20 gallons for the full acre. You decide just to mix the full 21 gallons, and if you have any leftover you can go back over any trouble areas. Since your lawn is not what you consider normal but is midrange between extremely compacted and not, you decide to use the 2nd recommendation for application of 2-8 oz per 1000 sq feet. Since it is midrange you are going to go with 4 oz per 1000 sq feet. There are 43,000 sq feet in an acre 43x4=172 and 172/32 (32 oz in a quart) = 5.3. You decide to round it down to 5 quarts. So you mix 5 quarts with 21 gallons of water and put it out in your lawn. When you finish you have a small amount left over so you put that out in the trouble areas or the areas that get the most traffic, or maybe the area that needs the most help. Also because you used a garden type sprayer you water your lawn enough when you finish to soak the product in but not so much to cause run off or puddling.


For best results with your Covington Naturals Liquid Lawn Aerator, please follow the tips and tricks below:


  • Avoid mowing your lawn 24 hours prior to and after application to ensure proper uptake of solution.
  • It can be used year-round (unless the ground is frozen) and will energize your soil, restoring optimal nutrient levels.
  • Lawns don't change overnight. It can take several weeks/months and multiple applications before getting the desired results. Be patient, give your lawn a chance to make use of the new nutrients, and re-apply when necessary. If you have accurately diagnosed your lawn's imbalance, with a strict treatment plan and time, you will get the results you're looking for.
  • Store the container in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Get a Soil Sample as soon as possible.
  • I recommend that you use one sprayer for weed killer and the other for everything else. It is nearly impossible to get ALL of the weed killer out of a plastic sprayer and this residue affects your plants and grass
  • You should ALWAYS water first thing in the morning to avoid water standing at night and causing lawn fungus etc;


Be Patient - Soil Health Doesn't Happen Overnight

On occasion we have had customers write or call and ask us why their grass had not turned "magically" green in 10 days or the soil suddenly transformed from hard clay to rich black topsoil in 7 days. Soil is the base of our landscape areas around the yard. If you do not have good healthy soil, you will never have healthy grass, plants, or vegetables. 


This does take time, especially if your soil is currently lacking in nutrients or is a hard-packed clay soil. The alternative is to dig the first 8" off the top, fill with rich topsoil, then resurface with new sod, and come back with a thin layer of rich topsoil that is full of the enzymes that our Liquid Lawn Aerator possesses. And who wants to do that? 


If you want a long- term solution of richness and activity in your soil that will continue to give you healthy grass, plants, and vegetables, do it naturally by continuing to feed the soil with healthy nutrients that work for you.  


How Do I Know it's Working?

One way you can tell the product is doing its job is by taking a screwdriver and driving it into the ground before and (a few weeks after) your application to see if the soil is softer than before. It is impossible to see your soil de-compacting without a soil sample or by doing this experiment, however over time you will begin to see improvement as you have less pooling of watering, ease of driving the screwdriver into the ground, and most importantly healthier grass. This unfortunately takes the longest to observe!  


Watch One of Our Pro Staff Member's Results


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