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What is Liquid Aeration and How Long Does it Take to Produce Results?

Soil is the base of our landscape areas around the yard.  If you do not have good healthy soil, you will never have healthy grass, plants, or vegetables.  Good soil is full of organic matter and pore spaces that contain air and water for the roots that build great healthy plants above the ground as well

liquid aeratoras within.  These pore spaces are also where the biological component of soil exists and without bacteria and fungi along with insects such as worms and beetles (yes, really) all make the soil richer for your growing components.  Our Liquid Lawn Aerator introduces several components into the soil to break up the soil and allow these pores to exist and encourage saturation of water as well as retention, and reduce weed seeds, insect eggs and pathogens.

What is Liquid Aeration?

The Liquid Lawn Aerator is a powerful biological that alleviates the effects of compaction, increases nutrient uptake and promotes healthier plant growth using carbohydrates to fuel the microbes, as well as provide an extra energy boost to the plants.  The composition of minerals, essential nutrients, humic acids and microbes work to break up the soil naturally to increase nutrient uptake.  There is a blend of four bacillus strains of bacteria that work to enrich the soil.  Every quart of Covington Liquid Lawn Aerator contains literally billions of enzymes ready to go to work to enrich and convert your soil into an all-natural environment of richness. 

Converting your soil does take time, especially if your soil is currently lacking in

liquid lawn aerator

nutrients or is a hard-packed clay soil.  The alternative is to dig the first 8” off the top, fill with rich topsoil, then resurface with new sod, and come back with a thin layer of rich topsoil that is full of the enzymes that our Liquid Lawn Aerator possesses.  And who wants to do that?  If you want a long- term solution of richness and activity in your soil that will continue to give you healthy grass, plants, and vegetables, do it naturally by continuing to feed the soil with healthy nutrients that work for you.

The process of soil conversion cannot happen in 10 days.  It takes a minimum of 45-60 days for these enzymes to make a difference in your soil.  After the first treatment, you should re-treat every 45-60 days during the growing season, While temperatures are above 50 degrees Fahrenheit,  to continue to enrich and feed the soil. 

On occasion we have had customers write or call and ask us why their grass had not turned “magically” green in 10 days or the soil suddenly transform from hard clay to rich black topsoil in 7 days…. If you are simply looking for a way to turn your dull brown grass into green, load it up with nitrogen and you should see a difference within 4-7 days assuming you water it sufficiently, and then continue to pump nitrogen into it every 3-4 weeks throughout the summer to keep it green.  This is not healthy long term for your lawn, garden, or plants, and chances are you will end up burning up the lawn and plants eventually and have to start over….


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How Do I Use Liquid Aerator?

 Recommended Steps for Application:

1. Determine the square footage of your yard.

how to measure lawn square footage
2. Determine Compaction level of your lawn
3. Determine the kind of sprayer you plan to use and how much liquid it will hold
(Most hose end sprayers put out 2 gallons per minute,  You can confirm this by spraying into a bucket for 1 minute.)
4. Determine how many square feet you can cover with that amount of liquid
5.Determine using the scale below how much product you need to apply to your lawn.

Shake well before using Mix Covington Liquid Lawn Aerator Concentrate with water in the ratio suggested for the following applications:

Maintain Healthy Soil: 2 oz/1000 sq ft

Moderately Compacted Soil: 4 oz/1000 sq ft

Extremely Compacted Soil or High Content Clay Soil: 8 oz/1000 sq ft

Apply every 45-60 days for best results. Do not Apply if temperature is below 50 degrees

lawn sprayers

PUMP SPRAYERS/BACK PACK SPRAYERS: Determine number of tanks needed to cover your  square footage. Dilute and apply evenly.

HOSE END SPRAYERS: Determine number of tanks needed to cover  your  square footage. Dilute and apply evenly. Set dial at 2-4 (test this as every sprayer is different, adjust as needed.)

SEEDING: You can apply Covington Liquid Lawn Aerator solution to  new seeds before or after applying planting.

WATER: After initial application give it a good soak unless you used a hose end sprayer. Then come back in 6-24 hours and water again with a good soak (do not create any run off or puddling).  You can then return to your normal water cycle. 

It is better to water every couple of days vs. every day to continue to allow the soil to reproduce nutrients and build stronger root systems in your grass and plants.  Golf Courses and sport venues may require a different type of watering schedules than residential yards. Regular watering is essential to achieve optimal results with Covington Liquid Lawn Aerator. Water every 3-4 days with enough volume to soak the ground without runoff or puddling.

Always Water First Thing in the Morning to Avoid Water Standing at Night Causing Lawn Fungus etcetera or Evaporating before it has Time to be Absorbed!

 The Science Behind It

This product was originally produced for farmers that have tens of thousands of acres of wheat, sorghum, corn and milo in the Midwest and they needed a way to continually enrich the soil and feed it year after year without harmful chemicals that actually kill the soil.  Yes, they work for a while, but after a few years of pumping chemicals into the ground, eventually it burns out the natural enzymes in the soil and at that point it does not want to produce anything of quality or value.  By introducing bacteria, enzymes, and fueling the microbes in the soil, you will have a long-term healthy environment that will produce more crops, vegetables, healthier grass and plants, retain more water and cost less.

 How Do I Know It's Working?

liquid lawn aerator

One way you can tell the product is doing its job is by taking a screw driver and driving it into the ground before and (a few weeks after) your application to see if the soil is softer than before. It is impossible to see your soil de-compacting without a soil sample or by doing this experiment, however over time you will begin to see improvement as you have less pooling on watering, ease of driving the screwdriver, and most importantly healthier grass, this unfortunately takes longest to observe! 

Tips and Tricks for the Best Results!

  1. Avoid watering your lawn 24 hours prior to and after application to ensure proper uptake of solution.
  2. Use whenever temperatures are above 50 degrees Fahrenheit to energize your soil and restore nutrients.
  3. Get a soil sample as soon as possible
  4. Be patient give your lawn a chance to make use of the new nutrients, and re-apply the Liquid Lawn Aerator as necessary.  With a strict treatment plan and time if you are giving your soil what it needs in time you will see the results you are wanting.
  5. Store the container in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.
  6. Use a different sprayer for weed killer than you do your other products.  It is nearly impossible to get ALL of the weed killer out of a plastic container.  This residue negatively affects your plants and grass ( If you can not use a different container  find out how to best clean here: Cleaning Weed Killer out of My Sprayer


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Always water the product just enough to soak it into the ground, but not so much to create runoff.  Since this 100% organic over application will not harm plants or grass.  Applying more Liquid Lawn Aerator will increase nutrients available to the soil.  If the soil does not need them it simple will not absorb them.

You can combine with other herbicides, fungicides or fertilizer treatments.

We do have a money back guarantee, and experts who would be happy to answer any additional questions and even create a plan for your situation. Please contact us if we can be of further help!! Your complete satisfaction is important to us!! We are fully committed to you, your lawn, and all of your plants!

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