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liquid iron for lawns
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Liquid Iron Plus+ Blend

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Covington Chelated Iron for Lawns & Plants, Cures Iron Deficiency and Root Problems – Made in U.S.A.

  • When Plants are Deficient in Iron They can become stunted or malformed growth takes place eventually taking it’s toll on the plants or turf.
  • Our Sugar Based Chelated Liquid Iron fertilizer has 6% Iron with No EDTA, And 12% Nitrogen, 3.3% Sulphur, and 0.05% Manganese for Premium Results on Your Lawn and Garden.
  • Use Our Liquid Iron on Trees, Shrubs, and Bushes by Applying around the outside of the grow line According to Instructions.
  • Chelated Iron for Plants & Grass Insures Lowering Plant Stress While Treating Iron Deficiencies at the Same Time.
  • Iron deficient leaves will be green veined with a mottled yellow color in the plant tissues between the veins.
  • Foliage may also develop brown leaf margins. If you have foliage that looks like this, you should give the plant some liquid iron.


Chelated Liquid Iron +Plus Concentrate from Covington Naturals for Lawns, Plants, Shrubs, and Trees Stunted or Malformed Growth and Discoloration Issues – Cures Iron Deficiency and Root Problems – Made in U.S.A.

Covington Liquid Iron is a Sugar-Based Chelating Product That Has No EDTA, Improves Plant Color and Quality While Promoting Stronger Root Development. It Lowers Plant Stress While Treating Iron Deficiencies in Lawns, Plants & Trees. Contains 6% highly-bioavailable chelated iron; excellent for both foliar and root applications and correcting yellowing due to iron deficiency.

 Utilizes sugar-based chelating agents in lieu of EDTA, making for safer application and ensuring suitability with a wider range of turf and foliage. Can be used with herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers.

100% Guaranteed!This Special Blend Has a Proven Track Record to Increase Growth and Health While Curing the Ills Caused by Lack of Iron, but if for ANY Reason You are not 100% Satisfied, Just Let us Know and We Will Refund 100% of Your Purchase, No Questions Asked.

The Covington Naturals Brand Promise The Covington Naturals Brand Promise  Many of our products are organic and have been tested and approved by some of the most reputable organizations in the U.S. that approve organic products. For those products that are not 100% organic, we use the best ingredients, finest blends, and carefully formulate every product to insure our customers receive the results they expect from a quality product. Our customer service is constantly receiving high marks and positive customer feedback for their work. We actually have real “live” people in our office that answer the phone and answer your questions about lawn and garden 8-5 Monday thru Friday, Try Us and See! (405) 676-1575

Supply and DemandAs Many of You Know, This is a Tough Year for Supply in the Home Building as well as Lawn and Garden Industry. Many Supplies of Materials Are Difficult to Find so Place Your Orders Early as We Continue to Strive to Keep Up With Demand!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Andrew Heberling
Works Well!

I liked how quickly this worked to turn my grass a darker shade of green, and also liked the fact that there is 12% nitrogen for an extra boost.

Dominic Novak
It works!

Nothing is an overnight miracle, but within 2-3 days my lawn was noticeable greener! This product so far is the perfect balance of iron and nitrogen. Yes I'll buy it again.

Love Covington products!

This Liquid Iron is great for lawns. It really greened everything up quicker than I thought was possible... plus the the customer service was a huge help.

Albert Bozzo
Very effective...

Excellent product - the key is be sure to obtain an accurate applicator!

Michael Ritter
Liquid Iron 6%

I received the product in good shape and time. I use the product in a Ross Root feeder. I get the feeder started with water, then add the liquid and water it in to eliminate fertilizer "hot spots". Works great! My young willow oak and magnolias are nice and green with new growth.
I don't think that this customer will ever go back to the "tablets" for the root feeder again. Great Product!

William Cabrera
Remarkable Covington Naturals Lawn Product

I had just planted Scott’s Fescue Grass Seeds (new lawn) last summer 2021 and in just 35 days ago, some areas of the lawn were turning a little yellow in color (lacking iron). I purchased Covington’s Liquid Iron Solution and applied to the lawn. It worked so fast in keeping the grass its green color. Amazed!! The combination between the Liquid Iron and Fertilizer was superb!!!

We are hooked in purchasing our lawn care products from Covington Naturals. I had gone outside just now to take photos of our lawn and a passer by had complimented on how good the grass looked! Thanks Covington!!