lawn care for beginners

Lawn Care Tips for Beginners

I am really excited to share my lawn care tricks with you all! I hope this article will be helpful for those of you who are new to lawn care. Before we get started, let's take a look at what makes a good lawn? A healthy and green lawn is the sign of an environmentally responsible homeowner. It also indicates that your yard has enough water, sunlight, and food (i.e., fertilizer). The most important thing in maintaining your lawn is watering it on a regular basis - so make sure you set up your sprinkler system accordingly! Now that you know what makes a good lawn, here are three tips for beginners: 

Tip #1 How to Get Rid of Weeds Without Killing the Grass

lawn care tips for beginners

 Weeds. Nature’s way of throwing a wrench in your beautiful lawn plans. But how do you get rid of weeds without killing the grass? First thing you would need to do is pull all the weeds up in your lawn. Start with a blank canvas so to speak. When pulling weeds, keep in mind that if you pull the weeds by the leaves, the weed will continue to grow back. The best way to extract weeds would be by grabbing them from the top of the roots and pulling up twisting the weed slightly as you remove it. The best defense against new weeds growing is to have a thick, healthy stand of grass. With the thick lushness of grass, that leaves no room for new weeds to grow. 

Tip #2 How To Keep Your Soil Healthy

The second tip you would need to know, would be to take care of your soil. Fertilizing with Covington’s Liquid Lawn Aerator is a great way to start! By applying a liquid aerator, you get more area covered and it doesn’t leave those eye sore of plugs laying in your lawn like mechanical aeration does. It is important to aerate your lawn for the simple fact, your grass is a living thing. It requires oxygen to survive. So not only does your grass take air from the ground, but from the soil as well. So, when soil becomes too compacted it can quite literally suffocate your lawn’s root system. Which as you can imagine, can bring many issues to your lawn. Knowing this, always remember when applying liquid lawn products to clean your sprayer before use. 


Lawn Care Setup for Beginners

Tip #3 Lawn Mower Height Settings

 Did you know when mowing, there's actually a certain height your lawn mower needs to be to prevent damage? Cutting your lawn too short causes a lot of stress on your grass. It will cause brown spots and can eventually kill the lawn altogether. When the grass is too short, the grass roots are harmed by the heat of the sun and are exposed to too much sunlight which reduces photosynthesis. Often people forget that grass blades are actually leaves. So when mowing the lawn it is best to remove only the top ⅓ inch of the grass blades, so it’s best to wait until your lawn is at a minimum of 3 inches tall before revving up the mower.


lawn care tips

One for the Road

You are now armed with the knowledge to tackle your lawn. Keep in mind that you may need to take some time off from work or use a vacation day once in a while if you have a large yard, but it will be worth it when your lawn is healthy and green for years to come. Be sure not only to pull weeds and aerate your lawn, but also don't cut grass too short- this can lead to an over abundance of clippings which contributes more nutrients into the soil than needed.