Natural Rooting Hormone

How To Use a Rooting Hormone Product

You're probably thinking, "What the heck is a rooting hormone?" Well, let me tell you. It's a liquid that comes in a little bottle and it helps to speed up the process of rooting plants. The root system is an important part of any plant because it allows for water and nutrients to be taken up by the roots so they can grow strong and healthy. The root system also creates stability throughout your garden or lawn so that there are no weak spots where soil erosion could occur. This is why using a rooting hormone product like Seed Booster & Cloning Concentrate will help your plants take hold much faster than usual! Now you know what this magic liquid does; but how do I use it? Keep reading to find out! 

How to Use a Liquid Rooting Hormone 

Rooting hormones are an alternative rooting product used to promote rooting in plant cuttings. Rooting hormones can be applied externally or internally. Just check out this video! 

Powder vs. Liquid 

When it’s time to propagate your favorite plants, hardwood cuttings and softwood cuttings are usually what we think of. Using a sharp knife or razor blade to remove cuttings from the parent plant.

Powder - If you are using the powder rooting hormone, the leaf cuttings need one-half to one inch of stem (called the “petiole”); do a quick dip of the “cutting” into the hormone powder. Knock off the excess powder before inserting the base of the leaf in the rooting medium. Stem cuttings are usually three to six inches long; cut them from the stem at about one-fourth to one-half inch below a node (leaf joint). Remove enough lower leaves so 1/3 to 1/2 of the stem can be inserted into the rooting medium. 

Liquid - If you are using the liquid rooting hormone, you will need to submerge the cut clone about 3-4 minutes into Covington’s Seed Booster and Clone Concentrate allowing it to draw up into the stem, then insert into moist soil. For new starts, soak the roots in the same manner then plant. Concentrate can be (but not required) diluted up to 1:4 depending on your application.

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How to Use a Rooting Hormone Gel

I've been reading a lot of articles about the best way to get seedlings started, and I keep seeing people recommending rooting hormone gel. What's up with that? Is it really necessary? Why not just use water or dirt or something simpler? Here are tips on how to use a rooting hormone gel. 

  1. Gather your cutting and make sure they are dry enough to use the rooting hormone. 
  2. Put the rooting hormone gel into a small container or dish in order to better control the amount of the chemical you are putting on your cutting. 
  3.  Dip the cutting in a bowl of gel according to the instructions. Typically, the gel should come up about a quarter of an inch on the stem. Push the cutting directly into the rooting medium afterward. Discard any unused gel when you are finished.

How Long Does It Take to Produce Results?

The rate of action is very dependent on the underlying plant. Some plants root within 1-2 weeks, others can take several months. Rooting hormone makes this process quicker and increases success rates; no matter how much you want your new roots now!

Rooting Hormone

Altogether Now

You can get your plants started by using rooting hormones. The type of hormone you use will depend on the plant and its stage in development, so be sure to read instructions carefully before applying any products. If you are not yet experienced at gardening or have never used a root hormone before, take time to experiment with different types until you find one that works best for your needs. Once you do decide which product is right for the situation, follow the directions exactly and don’t forget to water well after application! Don't worry if it's taking longer than expected - just keep an eye out for new growth (usually within 2 weeks) as this should indicate success.