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What Is Seed Booster and Clone Concentrate and How Do I Use It?

  What it is:

Our Seed BoosterCloning Gel/Clone Starter is specially designed to treat all types of seeds. Our special compound works to increase quicker germination and improve the overall growth and performance of the seeds and clones.   Not only does our liquid cloning gel improve the overall quality, stability, and growth, it also helps raise protein and sugar levels in the plant. This results in explosive root growth and fuller, more vibrant plant growth.

Why it is beneficial: 

Our product produces faster germination of seeds while raising protein and BRIX levels in clones and new seedlings. Clones are healthier and more stable with improved yield. Insect pressure is notably reduced.

 What is Brix?

Brix is the actual measurement of the sugar levels, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other solid content in plants. The sugar content is measured from the sap of the plant and is conveyed as a percentage. A low Brix level will cause your crop not to grow to its full potential due to any type of external limiting factor. Some reasons it could be low are imbalanced soil, disease, low calcium, or more.  A high Brix level indicates it is doing well with high minerals, good soil, and better tasting produce.

Why Is Protein Needed by Plants?

How does protein work to help plants?  

  • Calcium uptake: Amino acids stimulate root cells to open up the channels through which calcium can be absorbed. Calcium is essential for building sturdy cell walls and healthy root systems. It also transports other nutrients from the roots to the leaves and flowers. An abundant supply of calcium accelerates cell division and expansion, which leads to rapid growth of stems, leaves, flowers, and more.
  •  Scale reduction. Calcium in nutrient solution often reacts with phosphates and sulfates to create “lime scale," the white deposits that clog up pumps and irrigation lines in hydroponic garden systems. Lime scale also blocks plants from taking up calcium. Amino acids prevent scale by drawing the calcium out of the solution and delivering to where the plant can use it.
  •  Stress protection. Strong cell walls help protect plants from stress, whether from temperatures that are not ideal or pest infestations. Moreover, plants growing in less than optimal conditions decrease, or even stop, amino acid production. If the amino acid levels are too low, plants may even cannibalize the proteins used to protect cell walls to obtain the essential amino acids it needs for hormone production. This depletes the supply needed for continued growth and nutrient absorption.
  •  Pollen production. Amino acids, particularly lysine, are central to the production of plant pollen. The more lysine available to the plant increases the amount and the potency of the pollen that flower buds make.
  •  Light and dark sensitivity: One of the keys to growing plants that bear fruit or flower buds indoors is managing the light and dark cycle, known as "photoperiod," to stimulate the start of the reproductive process (blooming) when plants reach maturity. This happens naturally outdoors as the days grow shorter. Indoors, the grower controls how much light plants get each day. Just as important is a robust supply of protein to activate the plants' response to the changing balance of light and dark.


Rooting Hormone

Cloning:  What is Cloning?

Plant cloning is the act of producing identical genetical plants from an original plant. Simply put, cloning to take the cutting/clipping of a plant and grow it elsewhere on its own.  After 1-3 weeks, the roots will form from the cutting, and a new life of a clone begins. Cloning is a quick, easy, and cost-saving method of making new plants.  There are different methods of cloning, keep an eye out for our blog “All you Need to Know about Cloning” for more details on cloning and how to clone effectively. 




How to use it for the best results:

New Seedlings: roll or mix the seeds into solution until covered, then insert into moist soil. We recommend treating the soil with our Liquid Aerator, but not required. 8oz generally treats 100lbs of seed.



Submerge the cut clone about 3-4 minutes into solution allowing it to draw up into the stem, then insert into moist soil. For new starts, soak the roots in the same manner then plant. Concentrate can be (but not required) diluted up to 1:4 depending on your application.

Rooting Powder

Our Seed Booster Clone starter is perfect for all of your indoor and outdoor plants!  Use it on new seeds or on clones (cuttings)! It is super concentrated so 1 of our 8 oz bottles will cover up to 100 pounds of seed!