Green Grass Paint

How To Spray Paint Your Grass Green

What do you get when you mix green paint with grass? You get a lawn that's the envy of every neighbor on the block. This is easier than it sounds; with just two ingredients, you can create this stunning effect in your own backyard. With some creativity and patience, your yard will be the talk of any party or barbecue! Follow these simple steps to turn heads like never before.

green grass paint

What is Grass Paint?

Have you ever thought about how to get green grass all year round? Even in the pesky drought months, or in the dead of winter? Do you want your lawn to outshine all your neighbors? Well, guess what?! You can! With Green Grass Paint from Covington, you can achieve that beautiful lawn that you have always dreamed about all year round. Green Grass Paint is just that, it’s paint. But it’s not like the can of Rustoleum spray paint you get off the shelves at your local hardware store. Specially formulated, it is guaranteed to get your lawn back to it’s natural and vibrant color. But don’t worry! Our non-toxic blend is key to keeping your beautiful fur babies and your family in mind. 

Can You Spray Paint Your Grass Green?

Who hasn’t thought of throwing their hand up in the air and saying “Nope, I’m done! I’m painting my grass instead!” I’ll tell you something, I have done exactly that! I thought painting my grass green was going to be some hard and tiring task to do and that it would take all day. Much to my surprise, it wasn’t and it didn’t! I also thought that I would be crawling all over the lawn with a can of spray paint, but let me tell you how wrong I was! All I had to do was get my grass paint and pour 4-6oz of concentrate into a pump sprayer (I found that this sprayer works best for this task) and I diluted it with a gallon of water, pump and spray!  I can’t begin to tell you how easy it was to cover up the urine spots from the dogs and other brown spots due to the extreme drought we have had this year!  

How to Paint Your Grass Green 

You’re going to be so surprised with how easy and uncomplicated it is to paint your grass green! With these few items it’ll make painting your lawn a breeze. Just watch this video below to see for yourself how easy it is! 

In Simple Terms

Painting your grass green is a simple way to make any lawn more inviting and welcoming. The color green has been shown to be an effective, natural mood booster for people who suffer from seasonal depression or anxiety disorders. It can also help with relaxation by creating a calming environment in which you can enjoy the outdoors without being disturbed by bugs or other annoyances that may come along with it. You don't have to go through all of the trouble of planting new turf either! With the help of green grass paint, you can now make your lawn look like it's always been a lush and vibrant place for kids to play. Green grass paint is perfect for those who want their yard to be an inviting space that makes visitors feel at home from the moment they step onto the property. When painting your lawn using green grass paint, don't forget to do some touch ups afterward if necessary.