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What Is Green Grass Paint?- How Do I Use It?

Congratulations, you have been awarded the “Lawn of the Year,” that is the goal correct? However, sometimes nature takes hold and causes our lawn to turn yellow or brown. Far from the picture perfect gorgeous lawn that is the envy of all of our neighbors.  When this happens, we know we have no hope for a beautiful lawn again this season. 

While a yellowing or browning lawn can be saved, it can take weeks or months for your yard to once again become the picturesque envy of the neighborhood. So is there any hope?  Yes, this is where Covington Naturals Green Grass Paint comes into play.



What Is Grass Paint?

Don’t worry you will not be crawling around on your hands and knees with a can of Rustoleum spray or a bucket of paint and a paintbrush!  While the concept may be somewhat similar in that your lawn will look new again, the ingredients and effect are much different than if you used a traditional green paint on your grass.

Grass paint is a non-toxic pigment specially designed for your grass giving your browning or yellowing grass a boost of color while you wait for its natural green to return.

When Should I Use Grass Paint?

Grass Paint should not be used year around.  If you are, there is an underlying issue that needs your attention!  Think of brown grass as a symptom and grass paint as a way to relieve the discomfort of that symptom. For example, if you have a fever you do not expect a pill such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen to kill the bacteria, virus etcetera that may be causing your fever.  You do however, take the pill to help you feel better and even let the fever subside temporarily. This is comparable.  There is a reason why your grass is turning colors. It may  be on the verge of dying due to a lack of water, malnutrition, infestation, or disease. Continuing to cover the issue with grass paint does nothing but mask the issue until it turns into a big problem.  The grass paint can help alleviate the symptoms short term, but you will need to find the root cause of the problem to solve the issue long term.

Grass paint is great for temporary coverage of browning or yellowing spots in your yard while you work on the root issue and  wait for the natural green to return. For example, if your lawn is browning due to dog urine, you can  temporarily regreen the area while flushing the urine from the soil.

Grass paint is also great for shifting climates, like areas with seasonal droughts causing the grass to brown a bit due to water restrictions. Another good time to use grass paint is when your grass goes dormant and loses its popping-green hue.

Is Grass Paint Safe to Use?

Because you spray grass paint directly onto the lawn, it raises concerns about its safety.  In addition to the health of your lawn, you are also probably concerned for your family, pets, and the environment.

As for people and pets, you’ll want to keep pets or people from walking on painted grass until it’s dry, as they may return with green-stained paws or shoes. Once the grass paint dries, though, it’s 100% safe and non-toxic to pets and people. Because it’s non-toxic it poses no risk to insects, wild animals, or our waterways.

What Does Grass Paint Contain?

Here’s where grass paint distinguishes itself from that spray bomb you used to paint your lawn furniture. Instead of having harmful chemicals, our Green Grass paint is made from completely non toxic ingredients.

The Benefits of Using Grass Paint

The primary benefit of using grass paint is its ability to make your lawn look beautiful again immediately while you address the underlying issues.  No matter how well you maintain your lawn, you’re bound to run into a handful of issues here and there. Having the ability to bring back its color immediately eases the stress of dealing with lawn issues and the unsightly look of a discolored lawn.

green grass paint

The other benefit is cost savings. Sometimes, lawn health issues can take months to fix, and dealing with a browning lawn may be too much to handle for an extended period. In many cases, homeowners will give in and pay to have sod installed. With grass paint, you can bring back that popping-green color while waiting for its natural color to return — all for the cost of a bottle of grass paint.

How to Apply Grass Paint

Applying grass paint is relatively simple. The trickiest part is getting the ideal mixture to obtain the color you desire.

Make sure your lawn is completely dry and avoid application right after watering.  Wet grass may cause the color to run off before it dries.

Covington Green Grass Paint is best applied with a pump sprayer. The amount of concentrate needed to match your grass color will vary based on grass type and the shade of green you are looking for. Start with a less concentrated mixture and test a small inconspicuous area for color matching. If the color is too light, simply add more paint and retest. Keep adding concentrate until you obtain the perfect color, then fill the pump sprayer with the water-to-paint ratio you desire.

Dull/light green grass test mixing 4-6 oz. of concentrate per gallon of water

Brown dormant grass test mixing a little more concentrate around 8-10 oz. per gallon.

Make sure to protect anything that you don’t want to turn green like driveways, sidewalks, stepping stones etc., and move nearby objects to avoid overspray. Use a cardboard box as an edge to get a straight line and protect from overspray.  Wet concrete with water prior to treatment to avoid staining. If you get paint anywhere it should be rinsed off ASAP.  If overspray does occur, rinse as soon as possible and use a hard bristle brush and warm soapy water to remove stains.

Starting from the center of the area you’re painting and moving outward, Continue spraying until you’ve achieved an even green color in the treatment area.  Spray the grass paint mixture about 4-6 inches from the grass in a circular motion. Average drying time takes 2–3 hours. Keep ALL traffic off of painted grass until it has completely dried.

Always take a before and after picture.

Grass Paint: Regreen Without the Wait

While nothing will ever trump proper nutrition, watering, and pest control, these things require weeks and sometimes months to take effect. Grass paint is a quick, easy, and safe way to bring back that green color you crave while waiting for the longer-term fixes to work their magic.

Covington Naturals Green Grass Paint

  • Easy To Use Grass Dye for Lawn
  • Revamp Dull or Dormant Grass
  • Kid & Pet Friendly
  • Restore Natural Color with Green Grass Paint for Lawn
  • Grass Spray Paint Won't Inhibit Future Grass Growth
  • 32 oz. - Covers 600 up to 1,200 sq. ft.
  • Can Last Up  to 100 Days
  • Looks Completely Natural
  • Saves Money on Water Bill
  • 100% Safe & Non-Toxic