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Anti-Icing with Covington Liquid Ice Melt

There is a better solution for the environment than messy, harsh salt pellets and chemicals that are harmful to pets, damage concrete and paved surfaces, and contaminate your soil. Our 100% all natural soil products developed for the large organic farming industry have been proven over the years to revitalize soil by putting nutrients and enzymes back into the soil, not taking them out. We applied this same philosophy in the development of Covington Liquid Ice Melt for consumers.
Liquid Ice Melt

Highway departments, metro road crews and airports learned that over time the heavy application of pellets and chemicals caused serious damage to road and paved surfaces. Soil quality was also compromised when contaminated water would run off as temperatures increased.  As a result, environmentally safe liquid ice melt solutions  were developed and are now in common use around the world. Covington Liquid Ice Melt incorporates these same, proven ingredients for effective ice control while maintaining a safe environment for your pets, hard surfaces, and soil.

Proper application is critical for best results. Covington Liquid Ice Melt should be applied before snow and ice fall to seal surfaces to prevent ice from forming. This prevents the bond of frozen precipitation to the surface before it turns to ice.  If there is snow accumulation and ice has formed before application, the snow must be cleared before applying Liquid Ice Melt!

We had a customer with 2 feet of snow on their sidewalk that thought Liquid Ice Melt would miraculously melt the snow to avoid having to shovel it off the walk! Liquid Ice Melt does effectively melt existing ice, but only flame and warm sunlight can create enough heat to melt 2 feet of snow. So, clear off the snow before you apply Liquid Ice Melt and it will begin to work right away.



 There are many advantages to using Covington Liquid Ice Melt:

  • Returns surfaces back to their original condition faster with less mess.
  • Creates a barrier between the surface and ice forming layer before precipitation falls.
  • When used after ice has formed, it penetrates and melts the ice while forming a protective barrier.
  • Application is fast, easy, and clings to the surface for days, waiting to work when the storm comes.
  • Does not cause not cause damage to surfaces and vehicles like salt and harsh chemical pellets.
  • Liquid Ice Melt is biodegradable, safe to handle, has low toxicity, and safe for pets.



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