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This Adult Rehabilitation Center switched from using a well-known bed bug insecticide to LIGHTS OUT after experiencing its primary benefits:

  •   Bio-Pesticide, EPA 25 (b) Exempt • No special certification needed or training to apply
  •   Killed bed bugs on contact
  •   Provided 30-day residual kill (60% + of bed bug population is hidden from view)
  •  Safe to use around residents/children, all ingredients are EPA G.R.A.S (Generally Regarded As Safe)
  •   Kept rooms in use with no down-time, saved power by eliminating heat treatment


   Adult rehabilitation centers and homeless shelters provide safe harbor to individuals experiencing difficult times. The sleeping arrangements in these facilities are often quite close and a bed bug outbreak spreads with lightning speed.

   Recently, a distributor sales rep called on his local adult rehabilitation center and discovered they had just experienced another bed bug outbreak over the weekend. They had been treating these outbreaks with repeated application of another leading bed bug insecticide, creating barriers with diatomaceous earth, and turning up the heat in the affected rooms. All of the facility’s dorm rooms accommodate seven beds and take the better part of two days to heat, spray, and clean-up. With their housing in great demand, having these rooms out of service was not an ideal situation.

   Additionally, as the heat was cranked up in the dorm area, it compromised other areas of the building. They were unable to operate any of their laundry facilities due to the drain on the power supply. The air conditioning was disabled for almost 50% of a floor due to the configuration of the building’s duct work and power source.

   After learning about LIGHTS OUT and the benefits of using a product that was not only third-party certified for effectiveness, but contained only ingredients that are EPA 25(b) exempt or G.R.A.S. (Generally Regarded As Safe), they were fast to try the product. The results were so impressive they immediately bought two cases of LIGHTS OUT.

   The benefits they experienced in keeping rooms in use, saving power by not running high heat, and easy, effective application more than justified the additional $12 per case product cost for LIGHTS OUT.