Corinth, MS

Darnell Farms started off using our Liquid Lawn Aerator and saw some very rapid growth results then moved to the Luxuriate Seed Starter, and Growth Nutrient product.  With the Seed Starter all seeds were sprouting within 2-5 days.  The plants treated with Growth Nutrient are producing as much as 20% more and ready to harvest at least a week in advanced compared to those that were not.  For example, the squash rows that are 500-600 ft. long produced 10.2 lbs. of squash per row compared to 22.8 lbs treated with the Growth Nutrient.  Darnell Farms is a 100% organic grower selling to quality grocery stores and markets within a 100 mile radius.  They produced over 100,000 watermelons this last season. 

Broken Arrow, OK

Used a combination of two Covington Naturals products on the tee
boxes and greens, and compared against existing traditional
fertilizer programs.
• Used an application rate of 4-6 ounces per 1,000 square feet.
• Covington Naturals provided comparable and even better results in
some places.
• In this trial, the Covington products were half the cost of the
traditional products.
• The Covington Naturals treated areas required 1/3 of the normal
water use to maintain playing conditions.


"I am sold on your products! I had a milo field that looked bad, leaves were yellowing and I applied everything that you recommended that I order, the LIQUID AERATOR and GROWTH NUTRIENT. Now the plants are dark green and healthy, no sign of bugs and the beans look very good as well. I can't thank you enough for turning this around for me."
Craig Butler, Oklahoma Farmer

(name withheld by request)

I use the SEED STARTER, SOIL AERATOR, and PAPA ZEEP's SWEETNER on my grows.  I have been getting greater results than anything else I have used, and no longer have a problem with mites.  I also use 1/3 less water than I used to.  Everybody is happy, especially my customers!