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Liquid Lawn Aerator
Another lesson learned.

Last fall I was reading the usual sites regarding the topic of lawn aeration and came across the topic of liquid aeration. A topic I had not heard of previously. After years of dealing with mid western clay content of any recently built compacted clay I was willing to try about anything. We had lived in our current residence for 7 growing seasons each year used commercial services and core aeration, 3 years both fall and winter. never impressed with a significant change.
In September I purchased the product and skeptically applied as instructed and repeated use this spring, WOW. The only other related action taken was over seeding in September.
I must confess a great deal of doubt of the effectiveness of the process, I stand corrected. Also have since applied to all of our lot, gardens and planted areas.
Compliments to and gratitude for the lesson learned.

GREAT natural fertilizer

I bought a quart last year and was impressed as was my lawn technician about the benefits for all my plants and grasses that I bought a full gallon this year. Best way to naturally improve my soil!

Needed boost for my compacted shady backyard.

Applied Brix Booster in conjunction with Covington Lawn Liquid Aerator. Seem a jump in health of yard along with reduction in puddling after hard rains.

Liquid Lawn Aerator
Larry Spradling

We have had such crazy weather here in Rockwall TX it's hard to tell what the product is doing for my yard. I have high hopes for great results and will follow up later in the summer as I start to see results. I have two putting greens and looking forward to great results from both products LLA and 3-18-18. The people at Covington's are so nice and helpful....


BRIX Booster Growth Nutrients Powder - Sample Size

Good stuff sample size.


I see the different in my lawn from last year.

Liquid Lawn Aerator
Robert Mantz
Liquid aeration

Applied this product after 2 years of struggling to grow my lawn (new home). I overseeded last fall but still wasn’t happy with my spotty thin lawn. After a few waterings/rains I’ve already noticed the Kentucky blue finally starting to fill in. Read the label and understand the product will take time to work. I’m still planning on core aeration this fall with another overseeding, but I can say confidently that I can already see the difference. I’m planning on another application of liquid aeration in a few weeks.

not tried

i have not opened this pack yet. if it meets the results as your usual product, I am sure I will be ordering it again and referring others to your products.

Would purchase in the future

Loved this product! Overall seen a huge difference in my tomato yield! Thank you!


It's like vitamins for your plants.

Best ever

The nutrients powder worked wonders on all of my plants

Great product

Flowers seemed stagnant applied the growth nutrient noticed change within day or two.

Liquid Lawn Aerator
Dave Nickel
Liquid Aereator

I have been looking for a product like this for years. Thee is a lot of different products out here, but this is my choice to get healthy soils. Help mother nature by using this great and easy-use oxygen-fixing bacterial "vaccine for the soil".

Sweet product!

My plants love Covington Naturals products and this feed was no exception. I have done some planting with new shrubs and herbaceous perennial that are enjoying the feed and doing very well now that they’ve had done nutrition put into my heavy clay soil

Amazing stuff here!

I think everything is looking better with the use of this product!

Great product and support

Good product. Takes a few treatments to see results but overall a good product. Great support to answer questions etc.

Great results in my veggie garden

Used this product for my first raised garden beds and I'm highly satisfied.
It's easy to use and very rich. Will try next in my flower beds.

We love this stuff

Worked great for my Bermuda lawn to feed the microbes, up their metabolism, Brix levels, and get them working breaking down the thatch layer.

Liquid Lawn Aerator
Kerrill Simkins
Excellent results

The liquid lawn aerator really does work. When I moved into my new place, there was a very large round patch of dead grass and thatch that I could not get to do anything. I was looking for aerators and found this product. It takes a couple of weeks, and my problem took a few applications, but the results are great. I still have a bit to do, but you can see from the photos that it helps. I have not used any other products or methods, just the liquid aeration.

Liquid Aerator/MicroMax Fertilizer & Customer Service

The products are excellent and the customer service is exceptional.

This stuff is amazing!

We have mostly clay soil. It was completely compacted from years of flooded rainwater. When it rained, the entire back yard flooded and it would take days for the water to absorb. The ground was so compacted that we couldn’t even get grass to grow. We tried manual lawn aeration which did not work at all. We’ve only used the enzyme max twice, and going to use it for the third time soon. It is amazing how this simple product has improved our soil and allows the water to penetrate into the ground. Neighbors, family, and friends have all commented on our yard and they say that it “has never looked so good”. I think this product is what has made all the difference and has saved our backyard from becoming a pond. This company is also very helpful - I contacted them for help with application and how to use this product with grass seed and they personally called and emailed with all the information I could need! And the best part about all of this is - it worked!! Great company and great product.

BRIX Nutrients add Growth

Used in indoor and outdoor containers. Good stuff.

Covington Lawn Paint

The product is easy to use. Covers dormant grass very good. The covering lasts for about 3 mos., depending on how many times you mow your lawn. I recommend this product. Waiting for restock to order more. Note: Be careful and slow when diluting and mixing.

Liquid Lawn Aerator
Bruce Berger
Excellent product that works!

This lawn aerator has not only helped green up my lawn, but it is filling in areas it would not grow previously. I highly recommend it!