Luxuriate Seed Starter

Our Luxuriate Seed Starter is an organic product designed to treat all types of seeds to increase quicker germination and improve the overall quality, stability, growth and performance of the seeds.  It also helps raise protein and sugar levels in the plant.  This liquid product is an advanced composition of naturally occurring microbes, essential plant nutrients, humic acid and carbohydrates.


Why Use a Seed Starter/Booster?

Plants are like babies, if you start them off with the right nutrients in their diet they will grow to be healthy kids, teens, and adults.  Thus mixing seed starter into new seeds give them the needed boost to insure a successful growth and development of the plant.  


DIRECTIONS:  Mix the seeds in the Luxuriate liquid until completely submerged.  Allow to soak until completely covered, remove and place in soil as instructed per plant type.  8 oz. will treat 50-100 lbs. of seed depending on type and size of seed. 

seed growth