Growth Nutrients

Growth Nutrients is 100% Organic. The complex carbohydrates and sugars featured in this liquid product, provide fuel for the microbes as well as an extra boost in energy to the plants. 

  • Reduces insect pressure - Ultra Sweet consistently reduces insect pressure by raising the BRIX level in the plant.
  • Compatible with other fertilizer, herbicide and fungicide treatments
  • Stays in suspension

There is nothing simple about plants.  We often think a little water, a little sunshine and the plant will grow and be healthy.  But plants are just as complex as humans and just as susceptible to disease and sickness if not fed properly and cared for.  And if they are, they too can lead a long and healthy life.  Some plants even stretch out in the morning sun like a lazy cat, or turn to face the sun and take in the rays towards better health.  Plants have chlorophyll that uses sunlight to gather energy that can change carbon dioxide from the air into sugars like glucose and fructose.  Our Growth Booster does just that, to help load sugars from the leaves into the phloem (tissue in the plant stem) and thus transports the content into the other areas of the plant.  Phloem are micro size tubes that move the nutrients from our Growth Booster throughout the plant and supply it to parts of the plant such as the roots, flowers and fruits that need sugar to grow.  Moving this content and producing it on its own is not easy if the plant is not receiving the proper amount of water, sunlight, and food.  Thus, our Growth Booster increases this activity for the plant taking a large amount of stress off the plant allowing it to do what it was designed to do, grow and flourish.  Much the same as new parents that have young mouths to feed and live without stress, the parts of the whole will grow more easily and become a healthy mature being.   Plants also move this sugar up the plant using proton pumps some of which require phosphorus and other enzymes which are also found in Covington's Growth Nutrients.

Also inputting brown sugar into the plant reduces insect pressure which also takes stress off the plant.  Bugs do not have a pancreas like humans, and when they take in sugar but their hormone producing cells act much the same way, and thus their cells tell the insect's body to store sugar to fat after eating.  Their blood sugar goes through the roof which destroys the glucagon producing cells and causes their blood sugar to plummet or feel much the same as we humans do after a sugar crash.  The insect has a tremendous stomach ache and thus quits eating on the plant, and often lays down and dies on the spot or moves on to a plant not treated with our Growth Booster.  We have examined many plants after treatment under a microscope and found dead insects clinging to the underside of the leaf.


DIRECTIONS:  We recommend if using a tank type sprayer that you apply 4-6 oz. of Growth Nutrients per gallon of water.  Most hose sprayers put out about 4 oz. of nutrient per gallon of water while spraying and mixing.  Shake the bottle well before you put in sprayer to mix the nutrients that have settled in the bottom.  Apply every 60-90 days for best results.  Don't worry about the liquid being absorbed into the soil, it will actually boost the soil and feed the other micro-organisms, insects, and nutrients in the soil.  Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants....