Papa Zeep's Ultra Sweet

Papa Zeep’s Ultra Sweet is designed to feed and activate the microbes in our Liquid Aerator to give it an added boost and increase growth and production.  By providing a food source during application, these microbes will replicate quickly, and thrive in the new environment.

Papa Zeep’s Ultra Sweet is a complex carbohydrate that provide fuel for the microbes and plants.  This microbe food encourages and fuels microbial activity while reducing the insect pressure by raising the BRIX level in the plant.  Plants are like humans, they need carbs to be healthy and grow, especially during the initial stages of flowering, it increases yields while building stronger root systems.

What is BRIX Level?

Educated organic growers continually brag about growing nutrient-dense, high-brix plants.  Brix is a measurement of the sugar content in the sap based on percentage.  The higher the Brix percentage, the healthier the plant.  The general claim is if you can achieve a brix level of 12% or higher, sucking insects don’t recognize the plant as food.  Our commercial organic farmers tell us that by using Papa Zeeps Ultra Sweet they gain over 15% production increases in vegetables, spend less to combat insects, and their customers brag about the high quality of the vegetables and fruits. We have done tests by measuring the Brix levels before and after using Papa Zeeps Ultra Sweet and the results have always been better.  


DIRECTIONS:  Apply 2-4 oz. per Gal. of water to dry plants & soil.  If using hose sprayer, they generally use 2-4 oz. per gallon of water or adjust setting to #4.   Apply every 8-10 weeks during growing season for best results. See website for more details.  16 oz. per acre for commercial & organic farm use.  Mix well before using.