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Starting Early With Your Spring Garden

The Great American Gardening Boom: Join the Movement!

The allure of gardening has never been stronger, beckoning individuals from all corners of the country to take part in what is now being hailed as the "Gardening Age." Whether you reside in a balmy region where initial harvests are already underway or in the North where the final frost date has recently passed, the opportunity to join this movement is still very much available.  And I don’t know about you but I am definitely ready to put winter behind me and get out there and soak up some sunshine and get my hands dirty!!!

Embracing the Growth of Your Spring Garden

The surge in gardening enthusiasts is palpable, with approximately 18.3 million individuals embarking on gardening endeavors in response to the pandemic. Moreover, the commitment to this pastime is evident, as indicated by a 2021 National Gardening Association study revealing that 30 percent of gardeners intend to amplify their gardening pursuits post-pandemic, while 59 percent plan to maintain their current level of engagement. This surge encompasses a diverse array of gardening approaches, ranging from expansive backyard gardens to innovative container gardening in limited spaces. Additionally, educational initiatives such as school gardens and communal gardening spaces have further broadened the reach of this movement, offering opportunities for both learning and cultivation.  Anyone with an extra ten square feet can have a garden, even if it’s only a half barrel planter or raised vegetable bed.  Amazon, Home Depot, Lowes, Tractor Supply, Menards, Walmart, and Ace Hardware just to name a few all offer portable grow containers  that anyone with access to air, sunshine, water, and ambition can utilize to grow vegetables!

Accessible Gardening Opportunities

For those considering delving into gardening or looking to expand their horticultural horizons, the space and resources needed are readily accessible. Fundamental gardening advice, including tool preparation, plant selection tailored to one's space, and the meticulous preparation of new gardening beds through the incorporation of compost and fresh soil, can be found in various guides and posts all over YouTube and other gardening sites on the web. Social media platforms have also become valuable sources of inspiration, with hashtags such as #gardeningtips and #gardeningideas driving the dissemination of unconventional gardening concepts and guidance from revered gardening enthusiasts. Here are some innovative spring gardening ideas that have garnered attention:


Quick Sprouting Plants: A Shortcut to Bountiful Yields

A common pitfall for novice gardeners is the failure to initiate the planting process early enough. While some seeds necessitate sprouting in grow trays or seed beds before being transplanted into the ground, others can be sown directly into the soil. The growth cycle for many seeds spans weeks, encompassing sprouting, plant maturation, flowering, and eventual fruit development. Notably, certain vegetables offer a shorter growth timeline, ensuring swift gratification for the diligent gardener.  There are great seed starter products that can make your seeds germinate faster as well.

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Some of the various sites I have scanned recommend early spring cultivation of cold-tolerant greens such as curly kale, red chard, and lettuce. These resilient greens thrive in cooler temperatures, enabling planting during the transitional period when temperature fluctuations are still probable. Additionally, edible flowers like sweet peas, poppies, and calendula, along with greens such as lettuce, parsley, and spinach, are prime candidates for early spring planting. This diverse array of options empowers aspiring gardeners to kickstart their journey towards a thriving garden with a relatively accelerated yield timeline.  With added Plant Food and Liquid Soil Aerator your vegetables and fruits will increase production offering you months of food and produce for canning even into the winter.  And the various choices mentioned above are easy to plant and manage for beginners or just motivated gardeners that have spring fever and are ready to get out there and get their hands into the soil.

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By capitalizing on these insights and embracing the unfolding "Gardening Age," individuals across the nation can partake in the flourishing gardening community, cultivating an enriching connection with nature and reaping the bountiful rewards of their labor.