Liquid Iron

The Green Up - How to Use Liquid Iron for Lawns

Lawn Care Enthusiasts: Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have greener, healthier yards than others? The answer may be simple - they are using liquid iron products on their lawns! These products not only make the grass look better but they also improve the health of the plant's roots by increasing its ability to absorb nutrients from fertilizers and moisture from rainwater. Read on if you would like to learn more about how to green up your lawn. 

What is Liquid Iron for Lawns?

Most of us have heard about liquid iron before, but what is it? Liquid Iron is a special blended solution that you can use to apply to your lawn. It's a perfect answer for homeowners who want to enjoy the benefits without having to hire someone out every time they need it done. The best part is that there are no emissions from this product, which means not only will your yard look great with increased growth, but without harsh pellets or chemicals.  Chelated Liquid Iron for Lawns is a well blended product that will develop stronger root systems and improve the plant color and quality.  Some blends like our Covington Liquid Iron Plus product contain 6% Iron with NO EDTA, 12% Nitrogen, 3.3% Sulphur, and 0.05% Manganese. It is guaranteed to give you exceptional results on your lawn, trees, shrubs, and plants!

Liquid Iron

How Does Chelated Liquid Iron Work Exactly?

You may be wondering exactly how our Liquid Iron works. You may also be wondering how hard it is to use. Truth is, it’s simple. If your lawn or trees look a little dull, they may be suffering from an iron deficiency. Thus adding iron and other supplements will give plants those things they need, kind of like giving supplements to us humans! Iron deficient leaves will be green veined with a mottled yellow color in the plant tissues between the veins, while your lawn will look a yellow or even a brown color. When used as directed, the Liquid Iron will lower plant stress while treating the iron deficiency at the same time by allowing the carrier of the iron to be absorbed by the plant’s roots. In plants where chelates are not naturally released, our chelated iron can be used as a supplement to treat and prevent iron deficiencies

How and When to Use Iron Fertilizer

If you are using this for the first time, don’t worry it’s amazingly simple! If your lawn is brown and lacking in iron just mix 8-16oz per 1,000 square feet for best results. For continued upkeep, every 45-60 days, mix 2-4oz per 1,000 square foot. It’s easy to use even on your plants and trees, just mix 0.5-2oz per gallon of water saturating the plants at the base. For continued upkeep mix 0.25-0.5oz every 45-60 days for iron deficient areas.





The Benefits of Using Chelated Liquid Iron +

You may be wondering what Liquid Iron + is and how it helps to green up your lawn. This product contains iron, which keeps the chlorophyll in your grass from breaking down as quickly by supplying an alternative energy source for photosynthesis. It also has micronutrients that are beneficial for healthy growth of all types of plants, not just grass! The best part about this product is that there’s no smell or mess like traditional fertilizers, simply apply as directed and you should see a greener lawn in a matter of days. It will, however, stain your concrete, brick, stone, clothing and anything it comes into contact with, so be careful when using it!