Drain Fly Repellent - 2 Quarts

Drain Fly Repellent - 2 Quarts

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debra Rader
drain fly

i never got rid of them still everywhere most i have bought in these products dont work i have tried all dont know what to get i spent hundreds none work im not buying no more Debra i dont believe deborah review they dont just go away like that i bought so many nothing yet works so dont put on here until it works please she must work for you oh well most dont get rid of them but tell the truth PLEASE

Clare Wiggins
Does what it should!

Works great. My only issue is I may have to continue buying this and putting it down my drains regularly for it to work properly. Not sure if I will purchase more.

Renee Tietsworth
drain fly repelent

I like the product but do find I need to use it more frequently to keep the flies down

Courtney C.
Thank You

I began my journey last year with this product. I had some issues I think, because of my plumbing that caused the drain flies to come. From the moment I used this product I have not seen even one. I use mainly at night, and do a couple times a month. This is your answer

Susan Costlow
Repellent failed

I’m sorry to say your repellent failed because I could not get rid of the drain flies

We are so very sorry that this product didn't work for you! If there is anyway we can do to help fix this problem please reach out to us!

Cathy Shircliffe
Not a good result

I used the product as directed and it didn’t work. The drain flies were not phased. Very unsatisfactory result.

Oh no Cathy! We are sorry that this product didn't work. Please send me a message so we can further assist you!

Cathy N
Very helpful

Have never had a problem with gnats, however, this summer due to water, humidity, and possibly other natural changes in environment, had a problem. Your product really helped in the process of eliminating them completely.

Deborah T. St seer
This Stuff is Wonderful!

We were at wit's end dealing with a sudden & pervasive drain fly problem until trying this product. I would literally encounter them everywhere - the sink area, pantry, even the fridge! Eww! Poured one cup of this stuff down every drain in our house & voila! The next day we no longer had a problem. Weeks later, fly-free. Also the fresh scent is very pleasant! We like using eco- safe products such as this one. Thank you, Covington! Customer for life.