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Covington Green Grass Paint is one of the best drought-proofing alternatives available on the market. Our paint prevents turf from turning brown and it won't wash away in your next rainstorm. It's easy to use too - just spray your grass liberally with our professional grade, water resistant paint and you'll maintain a luscious, green lawn that keeps homeowners looking their best this summer!

"This product not only provides temporary relief from drought conditions but also helps maintain homeowner associations' HOA rules for mandatory turf upkeep."  

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Customer Reviews

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Pam Holtz
Amazing Color

I was very hesitant to use grass paint on my lawn, but as a business owner, I realize that this is an option that my clients may ask about. It only made sense that I familiarize myself with the product. Upon spraying it, I was really impressed with the deep green color it produced. It doesn't look unnatural at all. The one tip I would have for anyone using it would be to make sure you are using the right sprayer with a good fan tip for application. YouTube video placeholder
Covington Lawn Paint

The product is easy to use. Covers dormant grass very good. The covering lasts for about 3 mos., depending on how many times you mow your lawn. I recommend this product. Waiting for restock to order more. Note: Be careful and slow when diluting and mixing.

Natalie Shockey
Love it

I love my new painted lawn. I painted my grass a week ago and it still looks fabulous.

Neighbors love me now

Painted a combination of brown (dead) and green grass. It turned out perfect. Looks very natural and the coverage was excellent. A tip, be sure to use a rotary mower to vacuum of any loose dead grass or leaves before painting for best results.

No brown grass this summer

I paint my grass every summer since I have no sprinklers and refuse to install them at this time. My grass after painting looks awesome. I recommend getting enough product for a second coat the next day to make it look even greener and better.

The Grass is Greener!

Oh my goodness, I am so happy with the results from using the Covington Naturals Green Grass Paint for Lawn. I was not emotionally ready for a brown lawn because of the drought. Thanks to Covington Naturals super easy application, clear directions and labeling, vibrant color, and the great price our backyard looks beautiful and alive! Thanks for a great product!

Jim Schleis
Back Yard Sensation

It works, I’m truly impressed with how it worked!!

T. Duff
Golf green

Used it to create a golf green for chipping onto , this is in a field of brown grass that does not get watered. Looks pretty cool !